Which machines have an efficiency of 100


We will deal with the efficiency in this article. It explains what is meant by efficiency and how it is calculated. This article belongs to the field of physics / mechanics.

Friction occurs in all machines. Thus, the work done by the machine is less than the work done by the machine by the amount of work used to overcome the friction. The efficiency is understood to be the ratio of the work done to the work done. The formula looks like this:


  • "η" the efficiency, unit 1 or in percent
  • "WUsable, EUsable, PUsable"is the work, energy, or performance done
  • "WOn, EOn, POn"is the input of work, energy or performance

The efficiency can only be between 0% and 100% or between 0 and 1. An efficiency greater than 1 or 100% is physically impossible.


A petrol engine receives 100 liters of fuel. However, this is only able to manage the movement for an energy of 30 liters. How big is the efficiency?

Only 30% of the energy from 100 liters of petrol is used for locomotion. Thus 70% of the energy is "wasted" in heat. The gasoline engines are far inferior to the electric motors in this respect.


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