How can I change my mind immediately?

Translation of "change my mind" in spanish

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As a woman I am allowed change my mind.
But you have me change my mind to let.
I made some decisions that I regret, and to show you how much I appreciate your advice, I will change my mind, and let Teo kill you.
Tienes razón, he tomado algunas decisionses de las cuales me arrepiento, y de hecho, para mostrar cuánto respeto tu consejo, voy a cambiar mi opinión y dejar que Teo te mate.
Nothing you say will change my mind.
You said I could change my mind.
I might change my mind and don't do it at all.
Maybe I will change my mindabout destroying your life.
You push me on and on like that change my mind would.
Sorry, I said I didn't mean to disturb you, but I am the President and may change my mind.
Lo siento, dije que no quería interrumpir, pero soy el presidente y tengo derecho a cambiar de opinión.
I will not let him drown me in a well of guilt - and he drown me change my mind to let.
Sarah? I may as well change my mind.
Maybe i would change my mindif you put this motion for a resolution back to me and put me under a lot of pressure, as the Irish Government is hoping that the Irish people will change their minds about the Treaty of Nice.
Quizás, si me la vuelve a proponer, bajo una fuerte presión, cambie de opinión, del mismo modo que el Gobierno irlandés espera que la población irlandesa cambie de parecer respecto al Tratado de Niza.
One of those women things where I do change my mind should?
They just thought they were change my mind would.
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