Where can I buy a sledgehammer

Buy a sledgehammer: information & offers & recommendations

Here you will find information, recommendations and offers to buy the right sledgehammer. Which demolition tool is right for you? Even if you can't always see it at first glance, there are big differences when it comes to sledgehammers. Starting with the weight, through the correct hammer handle to the material used for the hammer head.

Buy the right sledgehammer

In the Overview, the Sledgehammer single ratings I go into detail about certain good models and brands. The brands are e.g. Fiskars, Peddinghaus, Meister, Wilton Bash, Halder, Stanley.

Here you can see the advantages and disadvantages of the sledge hammer. If you buy a good quality sledgehammer, it has to match what you plan to do.

Sledgehammer comparison

In the Comparison table you can find good sledgehammers.

The sledge hammers are rated for stability, safety, handling, price and special features. You will also find an option to order, so you can make an informed purchase decision.

The above graphic for building an ideal sledgehammer can be found there again in very large.

special cases

Also a Splitting hammer is one of the sledge hammers, for example to demolish an old wooden hut. Here I also show a tool kit so that you can cut firewood very efficiently.

Demolition tools as a 4 in 1 or 5 in 1 toolkit are a fine thing for mobile use. Here I present a good part. The FatMax Fibur is a sledge hammer, gripper, nail puller and crowbar in one.

The soft, rubber sledgehammer: The metal hammer head is the usual way of tearing down walls, concrete parts or old built-in cupboards, but other sledgehammers are used to ram wooden stakes and slats into the ground. Soft hammer more suitable.

For use in a potentially explosive environment Spark-free sledge hammer the right choice.


Here you will find all kinds of additional information about handling, weight and buying the perfect sledgehammer.

There is a difference whether you are a 4 kg or 10 kg Sledgehammer weight swing. Mass versus speed & handling & fatigue

Wooden handles are traditional and still good, but maybe fiberglass or metal handles are better? The Sledgehammer test from Bash show it.

A Sledgehammer as a Christmas present or a birthday present. That makes sense because the gentleman in the house likes to hang on to his "old" tools. This is sometimes not rational, not efficient and, after the umpteenth step, also costly.

The 5kg sledgehammer is the most popular

By far the most frequently bought sledge hammer weighs 5 kg. Therefore, in addition to the general overview, I have written down a special overview for solid 5 kg sledgehammers.

5 kg sledge hammer with:

Alternatives to the sledgehammer

Electric pry hammer, rotary hammer or demolition hammer?

In some cases it may be a good idea to refrain from using the hand sledgehammer. The very detailed article about electric caulking hammer in comparison shows you which electric chisel hammer is the right one for removing wall tiles. Or if you have to remove, crumble, and dismantle a concrete floor slab, a heavy electric demolition hammer is better than a sledgehammer - although it works - just more exhausting.

Sledgehammer or post driver, which is better?

Here show in detail how you Rams wooden stakes into the ground and when a good sledgehammer makes sense, and when it might be better to switch to a post driver. Both devices have particular advantages for this work. In the course of this, I also recommend the article about the Construction of a picket fence to look at.

Buy a good sledgehammer that suits you, that will allow you to work safely and efficiently for a long time. That's what matters.

By the way: if you still know the old US TV series "Sledge Hammer" from the 1980s, you know that this is the English translation for sledgehammer.