Are there still phone booths in America?

Public telephones

You need at least 50 cents to call from a public phone. In most phone booths you will need two coins of 25 cents each (also Quarter called), some modern phones also accept credit cards.

Some public payphones allow you to make unlimited local calls for 50 cents. Long distance calls depend on the telephone company through which the calls are placed. If you want to use a different long-distance company than the standard company for the telephone, you must first dial the corresponding area code for this company.

You can be called back at most American telephone booths. You can usually find the number on the front of the phone.

Hotel calls in the US

Calls from a hotel room can be very expensive in the United States. Many hotels add a "service charge" to telephone charges (typically between 50 cents and a dollar), and long distance calls are often billed at exaggerated minute rates. Even 800 (free) numbers cannot always be dialed for free. Check rates, and if room phone charges are too expensive for you, use the public phone in the lobby.

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