Can a student build a drone camera?

Everything to do with flying - zdi takes off!


Drones are currently in the media a lot. They can deliver packages, bring medicine or food to remote locations. In Essen, 13 pupils were able to build such drones themselves and let them fly in the MINT holiday camp “zdi takes off”. They immersed themselves in the professional field of aeronautical engineering for a week and came a little closer to the dream of flying.

Flight simulator and test seats in the cockpit

The Flieger-Woche was organized by the zdi-Zentrum MINT-Netzwerk Essen together with the FOM University. In addition to building the drones, the program also included numerous exciting excursions. A flight instructor was waiting for the pupils of levels 8 and 9 in the flight school TFC Buyer. Together with him, they were able to take a seat in a flight simulator and got to know the working environment of pilots and flight personnel. The next day we went to Essen / Mülheim airport. The holiday camp bus was exclusively allowed to go straight onto the tarmac. The young people were able to see the machines up close and watch a machine start up. The highlight: They climbed into the cockpit of a helicopter and received information about flight technology from the pilot.

Documentation by video

Always with you: the camera. The weekly task for the students was not only to build the drone, but also to document the camp on film. They received support with recording and editing from Daniel Nübold, a media developer at FOM University. The finished films were assessed and awarded a prize by a four-person jury. First prize went to Luca Favaro and Tom van der Heuvel, second place went to Shenja Over and Rejan Mohamed, and third place went to Cassandra Beckwith and Samantha Kleine.

Flight to lunch

The test flights of the self-built drones were then also relatively successful. Relative, because a drone crash-landed in the broccoli soup of the lunch buffet. But most of the test flights were impressive. Jochen Remmel from the FOM University summarized: “The feedback from the students about our holiday camp premiere was consistently positive. Therefore we will in all likelihood repeat the whole thing over the summer holidays. "

The week in the film

All videos of the holiday camp are available on FOM MINTtube. You can get a first impression here:

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