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Jaipur in Grünwald: The Jaipur is an above-average chic Indian, who is focused on good service and a great ambience, in Grünwald on the market square - bordering on Munich to the south. I recently visited this restaurant with my companion because it was recommended to me by a colleague - at this point many thanks for this great guy. From the outside, the Jaipur does not directly suggest that this is a high quality restaurant. The lettering of Jaipur shines on a yellow-red illuminated sign above the magnificent, golden door, which is decorated on the left and right side of the floor with rose petals around the carpet in front of the entrance.

We entered the restaurant directly at 5:30 p.m. and were the first guests, as the Jaipur does not open until this time. We were received by a very friendly waiter, who immediately wanted to take our jackets off, led us to the table (not reserved in advance) and, after we sat down, recited all kinds of dishes out of our heads. He particularly emphasized the excellent “Indian platter” with a variety of dishes to choose from, including chicken, lamb, fish, fresh prawns, etc. But we already knew relatively well what we wanted to eat before entering, so this offer was out of the question for us.

We received the elaborately designed menus from another, extremely pleasant and friendly waiter (see photo) and immediately noticed at the first glance at the menu - and thus also at the prices - that we were in Grünwald. 🙂 For example, Palak Paneer (you know - one of my favorite dishes) costs a whopping € 13.90. The price is really very high when you consider that, for example, in Samrat, Ganesha or Swagat, which I have already visited several times (also in Bogenhausen on Prinzregentenplatz), a maximum of 10 € is available in sufficient portions. We opted for a vegetarian thali for two for 34 €, for a samosa for 6.90 € (starter: 2 dumplings halved in the middle and filled with fresh vegetables), a mango juice spritzer and a cola light. Before ordering, we were offered an aperitif (prosecco with mango), which we didn't choose.

The vegetarian thali was excellent. It is particularly positive to note that - unusual for Indian restaurants - it could be put together completely individually. We were able to choose six different dishes from the full vegetarian menu (see photo) and put together the thali the way we liked it. (I definitely recommend you to choose Palak Paneer, Malai Kofta and Dal Makhni). We also chose Bhindi Masala, Chana Masala and Shahi Paneer. Our request not to prepare any dishes spicy was heard and the thali tasted really excellent. The Palak Paneer was a bit spinach-heavy - but I like it that way and that has something to do with the “lack of seasoning” because I didn't order it spicy. In addition to the six chosen dishes, there is also a standard potty with yoghurt (raita) and one with a small fresh salad. (The yoghurt is very delicious in combination with the Palak Paneer and a piece of naan bread!). The naan bread itself was very good, still fresh from the oven and warm and could optionally be ordered with garlic. (I recommend the typical naan, otherwise the taste of the individual thali dishes will be adulterated). The mango juice spritzer ordered with it was very fruit-intensive and delicious. The serving of Basmati saffron rice is also sufficient. Overall, the portion was more than filling and we even overcooked a little of it. Certainly not a bargain for 34 €, but definitely worth the money in terms of taste.

All in all, it was a very successful evening. We paid 58 € for the thali with rice (incl.), As well as two drinks and a starter including a tip. There is also coconut schnapps or a little mango cream on the house. My companion chose the coconut schnapps, I chose the mango cream - both very delicious and intense in taste. I will definitely come back to Jaipur. The later the evening got, the more crowded the restaurant was. When we left all of the 15 or so tables were occupied. Card payment is accepted. It should be noted very positively that the waiters are very friendly and professional and the wishes for the food are very personal. Give it a try when you're ready to drive a bit from Munich - you won't regret it.

Visited location: Jaipur in Grünwald
Address: Marktplatz 1, 82031 Grünwald


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