Which is the tallest building in 2019

Dubai Creek Tower - The tallest building in the world

With a new “MegaTall Project”, Dubai wants to defend its title to accommodate the tallest building in the world. After the completion of the 828m high Burj Khalifa in Dubai in 2010, Saudi Arabia has been building the 1007m high Jaddah Tower since 2013. Dubai's answer is now the Dubai Creek Tower, whose 72m deep pile foundation was completed in May 2018. Completion is scheduled for EXPO 2020.

Dubai Creek Harbor Foundation - AUTHOR: EMAAR

The project developer EMAAR officially only speaks of a height of 828m +, but one can be sure that, should the tower in Jeddah be completed beforehand, the Creek Tower will bring the title of the tallest building in the world back to Dubai. Unofficial sources even speak of an altitude of 1300m.

Architect: Santiago Calatrava

The design comes from the Spanish-Swiss architect and civil engineer Santiago Calatrava and forms the heart of the Dubai Creek Habour project, a new downtown with a new mega-mall, the skyline of which is on the opposite side of the Dubai Creek.

The Creek Tower, which is said to have been inspired by the shape of a lily flower, is more like a rocket left on the ground that will take off after the ropes are loosened.

Dubai Creek Tower Night Visual - AUTHOR: EMAAR

Only after about 800m does the guyed elevator and stairwell thicken into a bud or a rocket head with only about 30 usable floors.

In addition to being used for observation floors, there is talk of a boutique hotel, restaurants or the highest mosque in a building. So you could appear a little late for the evening prayer (Maghrib), as the sun at 1000m height disappears completely behind the horizon a few minutes later than on the ground.

Ready for EXPO 2020?

Dubai has always shown a lucky hand with its iconographic super-buildings and there is no question that the Dubai Creek Tower will be the new crown jewel in the skyline of the Emirates when it is completed.

Creek Tower and Burj Khalifa - AUTHOR: EMAAR

The announced completion date for EXPO 2020 now seems questionable, although you could concret up to 3.5 meters a day with sliding formwork.

After the foundation has been completed, which has surely already swallowed up a large part of the estimated billion US $ construction costs, one is now eagerly waiting to see the tower finally grow.

Text by Dominic Wanders, GA Dubai