How can Tesla solve its production problems

Tesla: Hackathon is supposed to solve production problems

Denise Bergert

Tesla is running a hackathon to solve the biggest problems in Model 3 production.

EnlargeThe Model 3 presents Tesla with massive production problems.

Electric car maker Tesla is holding a hackathon this week. Company founder Elon Musk announced this via the micro-blogging service Twitter. As part of the campaign, programmers are called on to solve the two biggest problems in the automated production of the Tesla Model 3.

Since the Model 3 should be the first Tesla model that a large part of society can afford, the production of the electric car is largely automated and with the help of robots. According to Musk's vision, the Model 3 should actually be built entirely by machines. The robots in the production lines weld, punch, paint and also take over the final assembly of the vehicles - at least in theory. So far, there have been problems with production, so that Tesla has nowhere near been able to produce the quantities that customers demand.

It is not known which solutions have already been found at the hackathon. According to Elon Musk's tweet, however, it "looks good". It remains to be seen whether the attempt will succeed and Tesla can continue to rely on automated production or whether the company will eventually have to fall back on human employees.