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We only use heat-setting, water-soluble screen printing inksthat are mixed and applied by hand. The durability is comparable to that of the textiles, i.e. neither the shirts we offer will change their appearance after repeated use, nor will the prints be damaged if handled properly (print turned inside, 40 ° C wash, no direct ironing of the motifs, do not use a dryer) flow along ...

A film and a screen must be made for each printing ink. That is why the always applies Minimum print quantity of 10 pieces - otherwise the entire effort cannot really be justified. If you want less, you pay the minimum price for 10 prints.

A Production time of approx. 10 working days must be taken into account - from the provision of correct print data, not from the first contact. We take over the final layout for uncomplicated templates at no extra charge.

Basically we print preferably with one or two colors - the shirt color integrated into the motif almost always results in a really pretty, eye-catching look.
We only accept orders with 3 to 12 printing colors from an edition of at least 100 pieces.

We usually print on textiles, but in principle we can all smooth surfaces lightly printed be it paper, cardboard, wood, glass, mirror or whatever comes to mind or is needed. The textile printing price table does not apply to any of these types of special printing. Some things will mostly be even cheaper (especially for paper / cardboard), whereas some things involve such effort that the regular prices cannot be kept. Just ask and clarify the details ...