Mint com is trustworthy

Should I use Is it safe / trustworthy? [Duplicate]

So someone could work directly at your bank. From in your HR department at work. Most of the waiters in the restaurant I technically ate at had access to my credit card and were able to steal money. While you are at work, someone could break into your home and steal your belongings as well.

The point is, mint and everything else is a matter of assessing the risk. Since you already understand the vulnerability (they have your accounts) and the risk (they could steal your money), what are the chances of this happening?

1.) Mint will make a lot more money if it doesn't. Hence, it benefits Intuit to pay its employees well and take protective measures to prevent theft. is on your side even if a particular employee doesn't.

2.) You have statements and the like so that you can evaluate mint independently. Not only do I trust Mint with my stuff, I check information in Quicken and on the bank pages themselves. I don't make them all the same, but I'll run into problems.

3.) Laws mean that in the event of theft, you have an opportunity to get well.

If you're worried about theft, don't trust other people, or have a bad feeling in general, don't do it. If you are checking your accounts online using the same computer that you use to log into Facebook, I would suggest that you don't mind. You may have legal or business reasons to put the risk at risk than me.

Just because someone is stealing your money could , I personally don't consider it an acceptable risk compared to the reward.

I will also be one of the first people to be robbed, I am not unrealistic.


hehe. Thank you McChrister for the insights. I just discovered that BoA is using the same platform.