What noises will put you to sleep?

Chill out! 10 apps for airplane mode

"Now put your smartphone down!" Does this saying sound familiar to you? Whether news, social media, online shopping or gaming - mobile phones are not only a constant companion, but also the perfect assistant for entertainment of all kinds. Understandable that it is sometimes difficult to do without it or that curiosity keeps looking at the display to look up to bring the current status. You can also use the smartphone to collect yourself mentally and to switch off mentally. Here are ten apps with which you can relax wonderfully - it is best to switch to flight mode beforehand so that you are not disturbed during the mini meditation.

Forest sounds

Annoyed by the street noise and the noises of the city? Then close your eyes and off into the forest. Whether jungle, twittering of birds, European pine forest or "Under Tree in Rain", this app scores with various options that put you immediately into the green. (Android)

Calm: meditation and sleep

Time for relaxation and meditation: “Calm” was voted “App of the Year” in 2017 and has many different options. There are, among other things, various exercises for better sleep and more mindfulness in everyday life. The female voice has a pleasantly calming effect. (iOS, Android)

Ocean sounds

Fall asleep to the sound of the sound of the sea? This app is more diverse than you think. So there are all in all new different options, from "creek" to "waves on the beach" and "boat on the waves". Wanderlust after your last holiday in Norderney? You can even choose “North Sea”! (Android)

Stop, breathe & think

This app is primarily intended for meditation beginners. She assists with yoga exercises, documents sleep behavior and gives specific instructions for relaxation exercises. You can choose from a total of 55 different exercises. (iOS / Android)

Relax melodies

After a long day at work, many people struggle with difficulty falling asleep. A bottle of red wine as a nightcap? Not always the best idea. With this app you get a selection of very calming melodies on your ears. You can choose from 50 different ambient sounds and put together your own mix. (iOS / Android)


Finally switch off and concentrate on completely different things? Sure, you could just put the phone in airplane mode - or activate this app. "Freedom" blocks all other apps on request and ensures peace and quiet or unimagined productivity. According to their own statements, "Freedom" users have maximized their efficiency by an average of 2.5 hours. It's worth a try. (iOS / Android)

Headspace: meditation and sleep

Real relaxation has to be learned: “Headspace” asks the user to make great progress in ten meditation sessions of ten minutes each. The right app for everyone who wants to gradually feel their way into the land of serenity. (iOS / Android)

Migraine app

A headache app? Sounds strange at first, but according to users it is effective and helpful. With the migraine app, users proactively create a "headache diary" and proactively document when the pounding pain comes. The pain clinic in Kiel co-developed and scientifically supported the app. (iOS, Android)

Smiling Mind

This app is particularly impressive thanks to its warm and pleasant colors in the design. Daily meditation sessions aim to become more conscious and more mindful. All it takes is ten minutes a day to gradually achieve success. (iOS / Android)

Rain noises

Who would have thought that there are so many different types of rain sound? Whether "rain on tent", "ocean rain" or "rain on sidewalk" - heavenly water is honored here in all its sound facets. (Android)

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