Why do movies fail on Blu-ray

Ultra HD Blu-ray: A look at the present and the future

From my point of view, and this now affects every industry, I am dismayed at how little one is satisfied with today!

When you still had to technically manage the defect, you tried to get the most out of what was technically possible.

Today you are satisfied with a quality that is no longer the maximum of what you could get out of it.

When the CD came onto the market at the time, goods trains passing by demonstrated what digital sound recording could do. But the dynamics are now being limited further, so that the result sounds annoying at high volume and young people startled when they play records from the eighties, although digitally, as I said, much more would be possible.

The streaming must have a scalable quality, because with classic broadcasting it does not matter how many viewers receive the program. When transmitting over the Internet, however, there must be a data connection for each recipient, for which the program provider must keep bandwidth available. The more viewers there are, as soon as the available bandwidth is exhausted, the amount of data and thus the quality per viewer must be reduced or viewers must be rejected, which one wants to avoid.

So when streaming you don't necessarily have the guarantee of always getting the best quality. With the physical.

Even back then, the production costs of the CD were in the foreground, because when the electroplating shop was still in full production, an LP cost 4 DM, a CD only 1 DM.

Streaming now has the advantage for the program provider that he no longer has to make advance payments with the production and can take seldom requested programs from the database again. These access statistics with automatic deletion are offered by every database system today. Streaming is therefore extremely inexpensive and low-risk for the program provider, and the customer is tied to the provider, because certain titles can only be seen from certain providers. In the long run, it will be quite expensive.