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Larry Morey, Perce Pearce, Gustaf Tenggren, Felix Salten


Frank Churchhill, Edward H. Plumb

Bambi is the fifth full-length animated film from Walt Disney Studios. It was published in 1942 and is based on the book Bambi by Felix Salten.


A white-tailed deer named Bambi is born in an unknown forest. This news spreads quickly through the forest and all the animals gather so that they can kiss the youngster, who at first seems insecure and scared when he gets up. Bambi then meets his first friends when he goes on an excursion with his mother. The friends are a cheeky rabbit named Thumper and a shy skunk named Blume. They have a happy and carefree childhood together. Bambi gets to know his girlfriend Feline on a Wieso, on which he also recognizes the danger in people who have always been a threat to animals. Summer and winter pass quickly and Bambi is growing up. In winter, however, his carefree childhood comes to an end: his mother is shot by a hunter. His father, the prince of the forest, takes in the little half-orphan.

A few years later Bambi has grown into a handsome young stag and when he sees his friend Feline again in addition to his friends Klopfer and Blume, the two of them fall in love. However, another stag also desires Feline and a fight against the rival ensues. Bambi wins, however, and wins over Feline. Both then lived happily together.

One morning Bambi is woken up by a campfire smoke and investigates this matter. He finds his father on a cliff that offers a great view of the valley, who warns him that the hunters are coming back into the forest and says that they must hide deep in the forest. Bambi was about to flee with his father when Bambi remembered that he had to warn the sleeping Feline. Feline has already woken up and is looking for Bambi. Feline and Bambi just miss each other when ambi reaches the sleeping place. Then you hear the first gunshots in the forest, which panic the animals. Feline is discovered by a pack of hunting dogs. She can just save herself on a clip. Meanwhile, the sparks from the campfire set the forest on fire. Feline cries out for help and is rescued by Bambi, who heard the calls for help. He heroically rushes at the dogs and temporarily holds them in front of Feline with kicks and antlers so that she can save herself. Bambi just barely escapes the dogs. To do this, he jumps over a large precipice so that the dogs cannot pick up his trail. However, he is shot while jumping and hits the other side, half unconscious. The fire continued to spread so that the sky was colored deep red. Bambi lies on the floor in great pain until his father appears, who tells him to pull himself together.

Together with his father, he can escape from the fire. They get into a river and tumble down a waterfall so they can escape the fire. Many animals were able to save themselves on a small group of islands. Feline is also standing on the bank, desperately looking for Bambi. Bambi and his father swim to the archipelago where Feline hugs Bambi lovingly. Now they are reunited.

In the next spring, a large part of the fire damage overgrown when an early morning message caused unrest in the forest: Feline has become a mother. Thumper, flower, who are also fathers, and all the other animals make their way to Feline and Bambi. There they are surprised again, Feline has given birth to twins. Then the camera changes and you see Bambi with his father. The two exchange understanding looks and then Bambi's father withdraws. He has done his job. Shortly afterwards Bambi sadly lowers his head, but straightens it up again and now stands proud and happy over his kingdom. Now he is the prince of the forest.


picture character
Bambi is a young deer and the main character in the story. He gets to know the beautiful sides of life, but also its deadly dangers.
Bambi's mother takes great care of Bambi and shows him the secrets of the forest. She later saves Bambi's life by distracting a hunter who then shoots her.
Bambi's father is the king of the forest. He is the oldest and wisest deer in the forest and at the beginning appears to Bambi closed, aloof and overpowering. To be able to help Bambi, he always stays in the background after Bambi's mother dies.
Klopfer is a cheeky and young wild rabbit. He is one of Bambi's best friends. He is often warned by his mother because he is so cheeky and cheeky and therefore often has to recite his father's wisdom.
Blume is a skunk and friend of Bambi. He got the name "flower" because Bambi found him in a flowerbed the first time he met and simply addressed him with "flower".
Feline is Bambi's friend. The two first get to know each other as children on the meadow. They fall in love when they are adults.
Friend owl
Aunt Ena


History of origin

In 1933, the director Sidney Franklin acquired the rights to the film adaptation of Bambi, who originally did not want to produce the film as an animated film. He had already started work, but found that the technical possibilities were insufficient to implement the novel. Because of this problem he came up with the idea of ​​making Bambi an animated film and turned to Walt Disney for it in 1935. The two signed a contract for 3 years. However, when Bambi production took 7 years, their friendship and collaboration lasted beyond the original contract period. In the opening credits, Disney thanks for the collaboration with Franklin with the sentence "To Sidney A. Franklin - our sincere appreciation for the inspiring collaboration." or the inspiring collaboration. ”in the opening credits at Franklin.

Work on Bambi began in 1936, so Bambi was to be the first full-length Disney cartoon to hit the screen. However, the project was repeatedly delayed by Walt Disney's urge to perfect. So finally came Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937), Pinocchio (1940) and Dumbo (1941) even before Bambi on the canvas.

After the war began in the United States, all civilian film projects were paused and propaganda films had to be made on behalf of the Defense Ministry. However, it was still possible to continue working on the Bambi. Three-quarters of the Disney production team worked intermittently on Bambi. In addition, the Multiplan cameras developed by Disney itself were used to a particularly large extent. With this you can create particularly realistic, three-dimensional camera rides in a cartoon landscape. This is best seen right at the beginning of the film.

Originally the Preniere was to take place at the Lincoln Theater in Damariscotta, Maine, United States. However, it was feared that the hunters living there might feel attacked and the world premiere was postponed to August 8, 1942 in London. Five days later the Prenuere took place in the United States, in December in Zurich and in 1950 in Germany. There were re-performances in 1964, 1973, 1983 and 1993.


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The sequel Bambi 2 - The Lord of the Woods started in German cinemas on April 27, 2006. In the United States, it was not shown in theaters, but was only released on videotape and DVD.


  • DVD
    • Bambi (Platinum Edition, 2 DVDs). Walt Disney Home Video 2005
  • Blu-ray
    • Bambi ((Diamond Edition), 1 Blu-Ray and 1 DVD). March 2011[1]
  • Free TV premiere
    • About seventy years after its publication, Bambi was shown for the first time on German free TV on May 17th, 2012.[2]
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