How is styrofoam shipped?

Sending televisions: you have to pay attention to this


If you want to ship a television set, it should arrive safely. Maybe it's an exchange and you want the device back to the seller, or you might sell your old device and send it to the buyer. When shipping, there are a few things you should pay attention to so that the device is not damaged.

Packing and shipping a television

The devices are sensitive and must be protected against impact, moisture, dust and the like.
  1. Obtain suitable packaging material. Bubble wrap, electrostatic film, styrofoam and large cardboard boxes are available in supermarkets, furniture and electrical stores.
  2. First, remove all detachable parts from the TV. Wrap the device itself several times in bubble wrap.
  3. The removable parts such as the stand, plug or remote control are individually wrapped in bubble wrap.
  4. If you do not want to send the additional parts separately, then at least make sure that there are no corners and edges that could scratch the TV display.
  5. You can protect the screen from dust with an electrostatic film.
  6. The whole thing is packed as airtight as possible so that less dust can penetrate. A bag to seal and parcel tape helps.

The shipment of the TV

If you still have the TV's original box, this is the best choice. It fits exactly, the television has no game in it and if the original styrofoam is available, that would be the safest packaging option. The package gets additional security if you attach the "transport upright" symbol in the form of two upward pointing underlined arrows to the box. This is particularly important with plasma devices. You should hand over these sensitive devices to a freight forwarding company. For other transport routes, we recommend shipping lashed to a pallet as insured bulky goods.

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