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Luxury cosmetics for discerning women

Imagine you are invited to a stylish reception or a sophisticated cocktail party. Weeks in advance you think about your appearance: the right outfit - hairstyle and make-up must also be flawless. Such an occasion is also the right time to pamper your skin with luxurious cosmetics. Creams, masks, serums - for the discerning lady looking for a little luxury, there is everything your heart desires. Find out what makes luxury body and skin care so special and why it is so popular.

What is meant by luxury cosmetics?

Luxury cosmetics first of all include all cosmetic products or cosmetic treatments that are in the high-class area due to their quality, their ingredients and their price. The brand behind the product is also decisive. Extravagant skin care itself has been around for a long time, because there have always been cosmetics that not everyone could afford and were therefore considered particularly luxurious. In the past, creams, ointments, oils and the like were valuable goods that were not available to everyone. Today it's a little different, because good skin care is available in different price categories. That is why luxury care describes certain high-priced, well-known and high-quality cosmetics. They usually contain raw materials that are rare or expensive to manufacture and process, which explain the higher price. But be careful, just because a product is relatively expensive does not mean that it is a luxury item. The price is not a meaningful quality feature. Here it is important to take into account various market principles. There are a number of actually luxurious cosmetic products that are almost always backed by a well-known manufacturer. These live up to their reputation for quality and luxurious features. These include, for example, the brands:

In addition, many brands have special lines within their general portfolio that specialize in luxury cosmetics. For example, with the Diamant De Beauté line, Carita offers a care line in the absolute luxury class. You will also find what you are looking for within the BABOR SeaCreation line.

What should good luxury cosmetics contain? What should you convey to you?

More and more women are indulging in luxurious care products - regularly. It has to do with self-esteem and being able to afford something good every now and then. Luxury cosmetics are used primarily for dignified occasions, such as receptions, restaurant visits, weddings or other events in a stylish ambience. Of course, as the name suggests, skin care must first and foremost care and help to achieve a healthy complexion. But many women want more: Cosmetic articles should stimulate the senses, pamper them and also touch them emotionally. In the end, you should feel like you are wearing a piece of luxury on your skin. Last but not least, the visual impression is an important indicator.

Of course, the most expensive care products are of no use if they don't contain the right ingredients. Moisturizing aloe vera, high-quality oils, fruit extracts or highly effective hyaluronic acid have proven themselves and are just a few examples of good active ingredients in creams and co. Luxury cosmetics are also provided with so-called luxury substances, such as gold, diamonds, pearls or caviar.

Gold - sparkling care

When it comes to gold, many think of jewelry. It symbolizes shine, shimmer and prosperity. The precious metal is also used in cosmetics, it is considered to be particularly pure and therefore has a positive effect on the complexion of the skin. If a skin care product contains microfine gold particles, this gives the complexion a particularly beautiful shimmer and makes it look more even.

In addition, the gold it contains has a calming, anti-inflammatory and moisturizing effect and has a pleasantly refreshing effect. The gold particles are particularly interesting for impure skin, because they help with impurities and have an antibacterial effect.

Caviar - a delight from the sea

Caviar is known as the most expensive delicacy from the sea, which is considered to be very luxurious to eat. The small eggs or pearls used as an ingredient in care products are less well known. But in the luxury cosmetics sector this is not so unusual. Also known as "black gold", it is used as a concentrated extract in care products, among other things as an anti-aging ingredient. Caviar not only provides the body with valuable nutrients as food, but also supplies the skin with trace elements and amino acids in cosmetic articles. This prevents skin aging and helps with cell renewal. In addition, caviar has an enormous moisturizing effect.

Diamonds - glittering friends

"Diamonds are a girl's best friend". If there is one thing that represents glamor for women, it must be diamonds. The so-called “tears of the gods” can also be found in luxury cosmetics as microfine particles, where they give the skin of the face a great shimmer, similar to gold. This means that the surface of the skin looks more even and finer and feels smooth and soft. The diamond dust it contains also hides redness and unaesthetic oily sheen.


Pearls - sparkling content from the shell

Pearls also stand for a glamorous appearance, the wonderfully shimmering spheres from the shell are probably popular with every woman. They are particularly interesting in cosmetic products because of their valuable ingredients such as zinc, iron, magnesium or selenium. Care products with pearl extracts can support the natural skin function very well and have a positive effect on the skin metabolism.

Luxury cosmetics from luxury brands

In the following, we will introduce you to luxury items from the high-class range, which have very good care properties and provide the wow factor in very different ways.

Isabelle Lancray Vitamina Crème Cocktail

This vitamin cream is pure pampering for your skin and does not need any diamond powder or gold shimmer. The care product contains valuable vitamins A, E and F as well as highly effective hyaluronic acid. Good wheat germ oil and allantoin (a compound made from uric acid) can also be found. The cream also has a UV filter, which is important not only in summer but also in winter. All in all, you treat your facial skin to a true vitamin cocktail that both protects and activates.

JEAN D’ARCEL Luxury Beauty Set Rose Sublime

With the gold-colored beauty case it contains, this luxurious beauty set is the epitome of glamor and femininity. The luxury cosmetic set has a Crème Précieuse, a Sérum Précieux and a luxury sample of Crème Yeux Précieuse. The anti-aging care products work specifically against the signs of aging and make your facial skin more resistant. In addition, the luxurious care refines your complexion and makes your skin feel soft. The bottles and tubes in shimmering gold serve as a stylish eye-catcher in your bathroom.

Carita Diamant De Beauté Crème Précieuse Anti-Âge

The Crème Précieuse is pure glamor and an absolute eye-catcher. It comes in a beautiful crucible with a diamond look and thus looks particularly classy. The ingredients are also impressive and promise a game of the senses. The cream contains tiny gemstone particles and thus also makes older skin shine. Valuable bud extracts and long-life proteins ensure rich care for mature and demanding skin.

Barbor SeaCreation care line

The SeaCreation luxury cosmetics line from BABOR is a luxury series that only contains high-quality ingredients for you. Maritime active ingredients and beauty secrets from the depths of the seas make this care product something very special. The SeaCreation products contain facial care at the highest level. Your skin is intensely moisturized, wrinkles are visibly smoothed and impurities are reduced. The right one can be found for every care requirement.