Which color car shows the least dirt

What is the best anti-dirt car paint?

With regard to the paint for the exterior paintwork of the car, there are always questions such as the best car paint against dirt. There are also always new trends appear, similar to the world of fashion. Colors that are extremely trendy and popular today can be out tomorrow.

However, when choosing the exterior color of the car, it is not only a question of individual and personal taste, but also of the resale value.

You are certainly now asking yourself which is the best car paint against dirt and scratches and which can still be sold profitably in a few years. The following post provides the answer.

The best car paint against dirt or personal taste?

Of course, it is also possible to make the new car color completely dependent on personal taste. However, all colors have their own advantages and disadvantages that should be considered when buying a new car. The resale value plays a particularly important role in this.

Colors that can still be sold on the market today can quickly become real slackers. It is therefore important to find the best car paint against dirt and scratches as well as to rely on a timeless color trend.

Cars in yellow and orange

Yellow is one of the unpopular vehicle colors. Yellow cars are rarely seen on the road, with the exception of the vehicles from the Post Office and the ADAC. Private individuals, on the other hand, are less likely to opt for yellow car paintwork. It is very noticeable, and it is likely that a yellow vehicle will not generate too much resale value for you.

Orange is similar to yellow. Often only the vehicles of the road maintenance depot or the city cleaning department wear this color. Car manufacturers like to choose this color for the presentation of new models. In the long term, buying orange vehicles is therefore not necessarily recommended.

The brown paint is a good paint against dirt

A few years ago, vehicle paintwork in brown was very much in vogue. There were numerous new models from the manufacturers that shone in elegant brown, such as the current 3 Series BMW.

In fact, modern brown tones with a metallic look look very good on many vehicle models, but the color is still one of the rare nuances. In terms of resale value, the brown comes off average, but dirt and scratches are not too noticeable on it.

Green, red and blue

Green is often associated with the vehicles of British automakers, with Jaguar at the forefront. The color British Racing Green is a true myth, which is why many Jaguars are still painted in this shade today. Other manufacturers often try to find the color green in the equipment lists in vain. Therefore, you can definitely choose the color green for a British car, as scratches and dirt on this color are not severe and the resale value does not suffer from the color variant.

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Vehicles in red are popular from time to time. Red paintwork can currently be seen on many vehicles in the small and compact class on the streets. The larger the models, the less often the red paint is chosen. In the case of smaller vehicles, there is nothing to be said against a red paint job with regard to the resale value, but dirt and scratches are quite noticeable depending on the respective shade.

The blue vehicles are also sometimes more and sometimes less in demand. In general, however, you can assume that the blue exterior paintwork will never go completely out of fashion.

The paintwork is also definitely one of the best car colors against dirt and scratches

At least if you choose a darker shade of blue. Sky blue brings out the problems on the car more than other shades of blue. Probably just a matter of taste.

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Is gray the best car paint against dirt?

Gray is also one of the all-time favorites in the field of colors for exterior painting of vehicles. Gray is definitely one of the best car colors against dirt and scratches, so this color variant is particularly impressive because of its easy care.

Gray cars are standard on the road, so you don't have to worry about the resale value with this color choice.

White and black

White has also been one of the most popular car colors for many years, even if it was initially dismissed as a short-term trend. Vehicles that have an emission-free drive or are particularly fuel-efficient are often chosen with a white paint finish. However, dirt and scratches can hardly be hidden on white, which is why the maintenance effort is correspondingly higher.

On the other hand, as in the fashion world, black will never go out of style when it comes to vehicle paintwork. The maintenance intensity is just as high with black paintwork as with white colors. The best car paint against dirt and scratches is therefore not black.

Timeless silver is also a great choice

Like gray, silver is definitely the best car paint against dirt and scratches. It is therefore extremely easy to care for and that is why it has long been the exterior finish that has been chosen most often.

So if you are looking for a paint job with the best car paint to protect against dirt and scratches, you can freely choose between the shades of gray and silver.

Since these colors never go out of style, you won't have any problems with resale value either.

As a conclusion, one can say: Gray and silver work best as paints against dirt and scratches. In addition, both colors have always been relatively popular over time and should therefore hardly reduce the resale value.