Why does my cat meow by accident?

The cat that has come in doesn't want to leave: You can do the following

A strange cat meows heartbreakingly in front of your door, just walks through the cat flap or comes to visit you regularly in your garden? It may be an abandoned cat. But be aware: not every cat that sneaks around your home and makes contact with you is an abandoned cat. Very often a desperate owner is already looking for it.

Runaway or stray cat? That is the key question

What you should be aware of before you take in an apparently found cat:

Cats are adventurers. You definitely do too larger discovery tours around your actual home. Just because you've never seen her before doesn't mean she doesn't live around the corner.

Many cats have no objection to a good, easily earned meal or a particularly good treat. If you have goodies, she'll remember that. Cat owners don't like it when cats get food in other places. So do not feed them for the time being, otherwise you will only lure them!

Does the cat make one neglected impression or is she very trusting and well-groomed? If she is more the latter, the probability is high that she is simply on a great tour of discovery through her territory and has a permanent home. Due to safety concerns, many cats do not wear a collar, but are invisibly chipped or tattooed on one part of the body for identification. Do you see something from afar?

Many cats have their fixed routes on their forays out into the fields. Therefore, if she comes by frequently in your area, it doesn't mean that she has no home, just that she likes to roam around her territory.

The trusting and incredibly cute cat lies with you for hours on the terrace and sunbathes? Have cats found a cozy and quiet place they like to stay for hours. Velvet paws are often on the move for several days.

It is well known that cats like to loll around in strange places. But this approaching cat is very pushy and moans very loudly in front of the door? This does not have to mean that it has no owner, it just means that it has learned To attract people's attention by meowing. If she can bring meowing and your presence in direct relation, she tries to achieve things she wants, e.g. food or play with her cat friend in the house.

Is the approaching cat a Mother cat, it may be that she has chosen a place for her nest close by by chance. Before you remove the cat from the area where you found it, you should absolutely rule out that it is not a mother cat. In these, for example, the teats are clearly visible.

You can only ignore all of these considerations if there is clearly a need for immediate action.

There is a need for action if the approaching cat

  • is injured.
  • their fur is noticeably lackluster, shaggy and unkempt.
  • suffers from severe flea and tick infestations.
  • has a lot of bald spots in the fur and there are open scratches.
  • looks very emaciated.

Here's what you have to do if the cat that has just walked in no longer wants to disappear:

Look for markings or signs
Collar, tattoos in the ear, chip, GPS tracker: Cat owners who are outdoors, if they do not wear a collar for safety reasons, like to have their cats tattooed and / or chipped or provide them with a GPS tracker. If it is marked in any way, a desperate owner is sure to be looking for it. To find out if she's chipped, you'll need to see the vet. If the cat is equipped with a GPS tracker, the cat owner will find his velvet paw with you.
Report your cat find to the police
Before you go to the vet, report it to the police as found. If you just keep the cat and do not report it, you are liable to prosecution!
Go to the vet
In addition to examining the general state of health, a veterinarian also has a reader to read out a possible implanted microchip. It is not always clear who will bear the costs. If you have already reported the police, the municipality may cover the costs or you can then reclaim them from the rightful cat owner.
Inform your neighbors, the surrounding area and animal shelters
Tell them about the found cat with leaflets. Maybe someone has already looked for her.

The approaching cat doesn't want to leave anymore, it's so cute and trusting, meanwhile you don't really want to get rid of it? Be fair and give the real cat owner the chance to find her again. I'm sure he's worried. Even months and years later, many do not give up hope of finding their darling again.

Often there is the phenomenon that cats come back home after years!

So take heart and help the rightful owner to find his animal again! Is she a real find cat - congratulations! Then you are now a cat mom or cat dad.