Who can initiate a product recall


What are AGES product warnings and product recalls?

AGES provides information about warnings and product recalls for food and children's toys (according to LMSVG - Food Safety and Consumer Protection Act), drugs and medical products (according to AMG, MPG - Medicines Act, Medical Devices Act) as well as on products that are subject to the Product Safety Act 2004.
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Please always refer to the official homepage of AGES or BASG / AGES Medical Market Authority and the Federal Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and Consumer Protection (product safety).


What is a product recall?

This is the term used by AGES to publish information that a manufacturer / distributor has already published. Such a publication can be:

  • Public notice of the product recall in the sales outlets, directly at the entrance or at the point of the shelf where the product was offered for sale.
  • Publication on the company's homepage
  • Publication of a product recall through an appropriate medium

The entrepreneur's personal responsibility is shown in Regulation (EC) No. 178/2002 (“General Food Law”) as a central element for ensuring the safety of food and is laid down in the Food Safety and Consumer Protection Act (LMSVG). The immediate initiation of countermeasures such as withdrawing from the market and informing consumers is an essential part of this EU-wide concept. As soon as a manufacturer or distributor becomes aware of a product problem himself or through others, he has to take appropriate measures on his own initiative.

The Product Safety Act 2004, which is implemented by the Ministry of Social Affairs, obliges companies to bring only safe products onto the market or, if necessary, to take steps to avert danger - e.g. B. to withdraw a product from the market. The competent authorities can, if necessary, oblige companies to take appropriate measures. In extreme cases, a recall from the consumer and the destruction of a product item can even be ordered.

Measures against dangerous products are exchanged across the EU via the RAPEX procedure.


What is a product warning?

According to § 43 LMSVG, AGES informs on behalf of the Federal Ministry for Health and Women if

  • There is a public risk from unhealthy goods
  • According to the preliminary final report of a foodborne disease outbreak, there is reasonable suspicion that food may endanger other people

This information is provided under the heading "AGES product warnings" by means of a newsletter, broadcast via APA-OTS and publication on the AGES website.


For consumers: who do I contact if I have a problem with food or consumer products?

The responsible body for food, dishes, cosmetics and toys is the official food control of the federal states: You can find the food control in the district authorities or magistrates (see contacts). A protocol is drawn up there and the product in question is brought for examination. Other official samples will also be taken to follow up on your complaint. There are no costs for you with this procedure.

Observations or accidents involving dangerous consumer products such as B.

  • Clothing & accessories
  • Household & furniture
  • Children's items
  • Leisure & Sport
  • Tools & handicraft accessories

can be reported informally in writing or by email to [email protected], more information under Ministry of Social Affairs: Report dangerous products


Publication of food recalls


Product safety notifications by companies

In accordance with the directive on general product safety and Section 7 (4) of the 2004 Product Safety Act, Federal Law Gazette I No. 16/2005, those placing the product on the market are obliged to inform one of the responsible authorities immediately if they discover that a product they have placed on the market poses a risk to consumers. This obligation applies above all to corrective measures, in particular to recalls.

The European Commission provides an online application that enables companies to comply with this reporting obligation without having to contact various national authorities. However, the use of this application is not compulsory - an informal report to [email protected] is sufficient, provided that all necessary data on the product and measures are evident from the notification.


What is the best before date?

With the Minimum half-life date the manufacturer guarantees that the product, if properly stored, will retain its full enjoyment potential at least until this point in time. In general, therefore, exceeding the best-before date does not mean that a food is no longer fit for human consumption.

This means that a food usually has a longer shelf life than the best-before date indicates. How much longer is difficult to say in advance, however, that depends on the product and also on the storage of the product up to this point in time.

There is a major difference if there is a so-called on the packaging Use-by date ("To be used by") is specified. A use-by date is attached to microbially perishable goods. A product that has passed its use-by date can no longer be considered safe. Such a product should under no circumstances be consumed any more, but should be disposed of immediately.


How does the free app work?

The free AGES product warning app is currently available for iPhone and Android operating systems. It can be downloaded directly from the www.produktwarUNGEN.at website: see information. It can also be found in your iPhone or Android app store under "AGES product warning app".

With the AGES product warning app, you receive push notification information about current recalls and warnings in real time directly on your smartphone or tablet. Notifications are always made for all product categories.

Filter function: The filter function is used to search for past messages. You can filter for warnings or recalls and also select the product category. Your filter selection will not be saved after you close the app.