Why don't men shave in November

Why not all men can take a wet shave

Dr. Yael Adler is a dermatologist and author and knows the reasons why male skin reacts differently to a shave and what women think of bearded partners.

SWR1: There are men who cannot tolerate a wet shave, but dry shave without any problems. Why is that?

Yael Adler: That's right - and that's what my male patients tell me every day. That's because everyone has a different skin texture. Some have more robust skin, others have softer and maybe sweaty skin. The whiskers are also different - some are very stubborn and some are a bit finer.

Dry shaving is usually considered to be a little gentler. But some men still say: a wet shave is more pleasant, more fun and a little more precise. Then it's a matter of personal taste. When you shave on your skin with a razor blade, you remove a bit of the protective layers of the skin. You have a bacteria film there with dear "bouncer bacteria" that protect you. And horny scales as a mechanical barrier. There is also oil and moisture on the surface, which is supposed to protect the skin from drying out. Shaving removes this protective layer and therefore the skin is very sensitive after shaving. Some products that are used are also alkaline and destroy the protective acid layer. We dermatologists are happy to give you a few tips: Use milder products, light creams or lotions that do not attack and irritate the skin as much.

SWR1: The typical aftershave, which by the way also smells intensely, is often not the product of choice at all?

Eagle: For many, this is too strong and too irritating in the negative sense.

SWR1: Do you have to accept the different sensitivity to different types of shaving or can you also train the skin?

Eagle: It is actually the case that the skin would actually wish to remain like a Stone Age man with hair - that is, with a beard.

But, if you are following fashion now and want to be completely clean-shaven, you have to try it out. Because if you take the wrong product or the wrong device, you really have skin disease-like inflammations. People who cannot cope with sharp blades then take a dry electric razor and thus have a little distance from the skin. However, there is sometimes this unfathomable feeling that these fine hairs lie on the skin like small wood shavings and allegedly can also clog the pores.

SWR1: Women and men beards - why do women perceive different beard lengths completely differently? Some like clean-shaven men, others with full beards.

Eagle: It's more of a fashion thing. There are phases when a woman likes a three-day beard, then another close shave and then another long, wild beard. In evolutionary terms, they say: If a man's beard is very prominent, then that speaks for strength and dominance in combat. The beard supports the masculine, demanding and strong chin. If there is also a bald head, it also shows the experienced warrior - then no one can tackle a fight in the foreground. This is how men are comforted who have severe dysfunction due to testosterone, but who have a decent beard growth.

SWR1: The sheer sensitivity for the female skin is not subject to fashion ...

Eagle: That applies to kissing, when you rub yourself very close and those hard hairs scratch you. But that is also a question of technology and there are enough women who like beards and may even find the slight scratching stimulating.

The interview was conducted by SWR1 presenter Hanns Lohmann.

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