Which database do you use for the web search

Google is starting to build a database of movie ratings

For many years now, Google's web search has been using the Knowledge Graph to display information and facts on countless topics, and of course films and series have long been a part of it. But in the future you will probably not be satisfied with the pure display of information, because in some parts of the world you are now testing new ratings, comments and even votes directly in the info boxes of the web search.

Anyone looking for information and opinions on films and TV series will in most cases have IMDb or Amazon as their first point of contact and look at user reviews there. For pure information such as the year of production, the length, a short description or the most important actors, a Google search is sufficient. In the future, Google will continue to venture into the territory of the other providers and build up evaluation databases for itself.

Screenshot: AndroidPoilice

Since the end of last year, Google had already started to enable users directly in web search to To rate films positively or negatively and so had given the first go-ahead. A corresponding comment field has now appeared with a number of Indian users, in which you can express your own opinion about the film or series. These ratings are public and can then be viewed using web search.

Screenshot: AndroidPoilice

But one is not satisfied with that, because there are Votes directly in the web search. There you can answer simple subjective questions with YES or NO and thus cast your own vote as to whether it is the best film, whether you want to watch it and a lot more. It is currently not known where these questions come from and whether they are created by algorithms, an editorial team or even users. As you can see on the screenshot, the function seems to reach a lot of people and get a lot of reviews.

The results of these surveys can then in turn also be shared and should then perhaps also appear in the social networks or simply be sent via messenger to get other users to vote as well.

At this time, it appears that these polls and ratings are only showing in India, at least only Indian users are currently reporting on it - but it is quite possible that it will also be displayed or accessible in some other countries. In most countries there is currently only the thumbs up or thumbs down display, but only shows a percentage and not the total number of reviews submitted.