Can an actress be an inspiration

Becoming an actor without an acting school: this is how it can work

For many, acting is a real dream job. Making this a full-time job with a secure income is anything but easy. Many can be trained professionally in order to have better opportunities. But again and again you hear about big stars who have never seen the inside of an acting school. But is it really that easy to become an actor without an acting school?

Becoming an actor without a drama school: anything, just not easy

We should completely delete the word “simple” on this topic. Because it's not that easy to become an actor - no matter which way. You can only get closer to your goal with a lot of discipline, talent and a strong will.

In principle, you have better chances if you make it to one of the 19 state-recognized drama schools in German-speaking countries. Provided that you pass the entrance exam and are not older than your mid-twenties. Most schools draw their limits.

Tip 1: Get a first taste of the theater

One thing is obvious: Before you even know whether acting is your thing, you should gain some initial experience. Many actors have already been active in school theater, but there are also amateur theater groups for adults.

Improvisational theater is recommended. It is certainly an art in itself and requires a lot of effort to react spontaneously to others and not to follow a script. But it sharpens your acting senses and you can learn a lot from it.

Tip 2: Take private acting classes

You don't have to study acting at a school, you can take private lessons. Depending on the teacher, such private lessons are not cheap, but you can tailor them to your needs. Workshops lasting several days are also a great opportunity to hone techniques in small groups.

Tip 3: Network and become an extra

To get your foothold in acting, you need to socialize. First jobs as an extra can help you and are usually paid. At the castings for extras you get to know people from the industry and you can build up a network.

To find out about such castings and jobs at all, it is advisable to become part of an agency. You can find numerous of these agencies online that arrange castings and jobs. It is best to call them directly or introduce yourself personally.

Of course there are big differences and you should think carefully about where you are applying. It is best to take a look at several agencies before you make a decision. When applying, you should always pay attention to a flawless portfolio: Professional photos and video recordings are just as important as a good résumé.

Tip 4: appear in commercials

How often do you hear about Hollywood stars who made their first appearances in TV commercials before their careers. Even today it is worth appearing in commercials to make your face known and to earn money.

Advertising jobs are good for making important contacts. Acting candidates shouldn't underestimate such jobs, but should definitely accept them.

Tip 5: use social media

A very important tool that you should definitely use is social media. It has never been easier to market yourself than via Instagram, TikTok and Co. Social media accounts have long since become a modern business card.

As a budding actor, you should put yourself in the limelight. Post aesthetic photos and videos of yourself to draw attention to yourself and to keep your followers up to date about your work. It is also quite possible that you will find new jobs thanks to your account.

Tip 6: discipline and commitment

Acting is hard work. Without diligence and a lot of commitment you will not make it, no matter how much talent you have. There is no such thing as the ultimate recipe for success. The luck factor plays an important role: the right place at the right time can determine your success.

Tip 7: watch other actors

Go to the theater, watch films, and pay special attention to the acting of the actors. By observing and studying the really big ones, you can get inspiration for your own game and learn one thing or the other.

Of course, you shouldn't copy anyone completely, you would lose your authenticity. But you can learn quite a bit from the masters who made it. You get this opportunity in the video courses from Meet Your Master.