What's the best about Fortnite

The best seasons in Fortnite so far

5. Fortnite Season 4

At the beginning of season 4 there were a lot of changes on the map, Dusty Depot became Dusty Divot and a villain base was created near Snobby Shores. The game also received some important content. While some like the Jetpacks or the Drum Gun were loudly (and rightly) disapproved, shopping carts and bouncers brought tons of fun for anyone jumping off the battle bus.

4. Fortnite Season 1

A long time ago, when Fortnite was just beginning to take off, everything was very different. Many of the things that we take for granted today were nowhere to be seen. However, there was excitement over every innovation. Just one of the new buildings that we all know today filled many players with joy. What innocent times ...

3. Fortnite Season 5

This was a season where there was a lot of experimentation with the game. And while these trials and tests did not always provide improvements, enough of them were good. So good that we had a lot of fun. The developments on the map made it one of the most memorable ever, with more and more valid landing spots for players who wanted a bit of variety. Gadgets like the Rift-to-go or the Shockwave grenade provided a lot of mobility and fast-paced action, and the introduction of time-limited modes made even jaded cynics feel the rush of something new.

2. Fortnite Season 2

That was the time when Fortnite really got going and the game we know today was really born. We saw the introduction of the now ubiquitous Battle Pass, which allowed players to receive more rewards the more they played. On top of that, the second season has had some very visible players who have raised the level for anyone who wants to watch their videos and become the next big thing. The map has also been updated quite often, such as the introduction of Snobby Shores and Tilted Towers.

1. Fortnite Season 3

It might sound old-fashioned, but at least we chose the first five seasons as the best Fortnite seasons. However, we cannot be convinced that Season 3 was nothing less than the peak of Fortnite. The game experienced a massive boom with the rise of superstars like Ali "Mythos" Kabbani or Tyler "Ninja" Blevins. Fortnite became a game full of strategy and streamer potential. We even saw gamers freak out over rumors of an impending apocalypse and the "birth" of major events at the end of the season when the meteor hit Dusty Depot. Definitely our number 1.

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