Was Disney right to drop PewDiePie?

Felix Kjellberg (#PewDiePie) founds his own YouTube network Revelmode?

Most of them know him by the virtual name “PewDiePie”, of course it's Felix Kjellberg, who was already named by Stephen Colbert as “Emperor of the Internet”.

Your own network or “just” a member?

The news that PewDiePie has founded its own network is currently making the rounds, otherwise I would not have found out about it. Much more interesting, however, is PewDiePie actually not setting up a network of its own, but “only” being featured in a network.

The network will be opened in cooperation with Maker Studios, which is owned by Disney, and will be based in California. Like so many other YouTube networks, Revelmode also wants to take care of premium content, game development, merchandise and marketing - sounds like media power to me, only really bad, after all, we're talking about Disney!

Under certain circumstances, one could also assume that Disney might have paid Felix a lot of money for membership, which apparently was tied to a few conditions, how else would other YouTubers, such as Marzia Bisognin (CutiePieMarzia), also be a member of the Revelmode network - for the ignorant: This is Felix Kjellberg's girlfriend.

Basic idea good, but again badly implemented?

Personally, I'm always a fan of cooperations, maybe because somehow hardly anyone wants to enter into with us here on gamezine.de. I believe that cooperations and networks can help the members holistically and not only serve to increase sales, but also the quality and to do together what is fun.

Ultimately, this network, which will be managed by Disney with a high degree of probability, will only be about capturing “the big YouTubers”, pushing them further and tapping advertising income, there is nothing to be said against it, but then I think you should be honest and not sell yourself as an innovation.