How do I start writing a prologue


Since some do not know whether and what will even go into a prologue, I thought I would do a chapter on it.

Anything can be in a prologue as long as it is not a normal chapter.

Otherwise there is a lot of freedom.

Usually something is written in a prologue that takes place long before the actual story. That would be one of the most "solutions". It is important that the prologue represents Sin, and also makes you want to read.

So it is not completely unnecessary.

Since it is the first thing you read, it should be exciting.

You don't have to know exactly what it is about. In a bay that I have read, a poem was written as a "prologue".

You can just as easily write from a different point of view. In one story in the prologue it was written from X's point of view how he first met Y. From Chapter 1 it continued from Y's point of view. (The point where both meet was described again from their point of view. It is important that it does not sound as if everything is written twice.) (I hope that was understandable XD)

You can also take excerpts from the story itself. Many do not seem to know this, as I have already read comments that said it should then be called Epilogue.

That is wrong, because an epilogue is written at the end of the story.

Prologues can contain parts of the story, but you shouldn't reveal too much, otherwise it gets boring.

Instead of poems you can also use newspaper articles ect. to take.

Important! A prologue is not necessary. But quite nice to create tension right at the beginning of the book.