What makes a chocolate bar soft

Snickers protein bar: protein chocolate bars to treat yourself to

approx. 15 min. preparation time

Your favorite sweet in clean, vegan & no baking!

Are you really into chocolate bars à la Snickers and Co.? When a little thing like that doesn't happen 488 caloriesand would bring a lot of sugar, fat and other unnecessary substances with it ... Because the parts are delicious, no question about it! Here's a recipe for how you can make your favorite chocolate bar easily, clean and even vegan yourself. This Snickers protein bars beats the original by far with good values!

The preparation of the Snickers protein bar:

  • First you give Protein powder, coconut flour, ground almonds, milk substitute and vanilla in a bowl and stir everything together until a smooth dough is formed. If it's too dry, add more milk. If it is too soft, add more coconut flour.
  • Then you shape the dough 8 small bars and place them on a parchment-lined baking sheet.
  • The Dates you puree until they look like caramel. You then distribute that on the bars and give them peanuts on it. Lightly press.
  • For 30 minutes put the latch in the fridge. In the time you let them chocolate melt in a water bath. Do not let the water boil, otherwise the chocolate will get too hot and clump!
  • Spread the chocolate on the Snickers protein bars and ask them again for 30 minutes cold.
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The recipe is for 8 Snickers protein bars, but the nutritional values ​​refer to one bar!

How do you like it Snickers protein bars and what do your gains think of it? Write me!

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approx. 15 min. preparation time