Supports the Vivo Y11 PUBG

Vivo Y11 vs Apple iPhone XS

SoC (system on the crystal)
MediaTek MT6572 Apple A12 Bionic APL1W81
Instruction Set Architecture
The smaller the process, the better the technology and more transistors are placed on the crystal of the same area, resulting in higher performance.
28 nm 7 nm
The processor is responsible for interpreting and executing instructions contained in software applications
ARM Cortex-A7 2x 2
64-bit processors provide higher performance than 32-bit and 16-bit processors
32 bit 64 bit
The clock frequency describes the speed in cycles per second.
500 MGz 1100 MGz
Price at the time of publication
140 USD 999 USD
Depending on the version of the operating system, more modern functions are available to you.
Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean
Price-performance ratio
The sum of all the benefits of the device divided by its price. The more%, the better the quality per unit price compared to all analogues.
39.8 % 10.9 %
The frequency describes the speed, the greater - the more cycles per second the processor processes and the program instructions are executed.
1300 MGz 2500 MGz
RAM is required to store the data of the operating system and the running applications and to process them quickly. A large amount of RAM keeps the device performing well.
0.512 Gb 4 Gb
The results in the popular AnTuTu test show the potential performance of the device under high loads. The more points the device scores, the better.
88.500 356.501