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Closed community company Insurance Company Capital Polis. Insurance company Capital Polis

Insures your car in the Capital Polyus company under the Casco program (full package, damage, total, kidnapping). Adding until 0351/19. Polis AM 0052278.
Unfortunately we had an insured event. The car started fire. After the arson we collected documents and turned them to the main office in St. Petersburg on Moscow Prospect 22. We stated that once we receive a decision to initiate a criminal case, the decision to recognize us from the victim and the decision in a criminal case, we can immediately contact the insurance company for payment. We fail all these documents from the police not a little not much 6 months! Received documents that arrived at the insurance company delivered these documents! And what do you think? They needed new documents that we do not have and cannot be! In the case, call the investigator, explain the situation that the insurance company requests such documents, the investigator says that the insurance company's data is illegal and cannot require these documents. All of this is done on a speakerphone in the office of an employee of the insurance company Head of the service expertise of Kocorova Ivan Sergeevich! To which this "boss" says to us, bring me a court decision on the case, on the issue of this resolution to him, one police officer said that these documents are sufficient to start the proceedings. But he began to say urgently that it didn't start without a judicial point! You said well, give us a testimony in writing that it did not start without these documents, Ivan I answer that I do not have such powers! That is, we say you take there but not write! Funny! Next, please write to whoever is authorized, oh but our championship attorney in court! Our conversation ends, then I stand from the administrator rack and ask if there is a lawyer for Casco, the administrator says with a surprised look that they have no lawyers on Casco and there are only lawyers. And all the lawyers are there? Yes, the administrator replied! Good cabinet please! We call the office climbing go! Hello who is a lawyer? Immediately a meter question and what did you want? We answer the question from Casco! Oh sorry our championship attorney on vacation and won't be soon! I asked the manual, but only on the manual only when recording! Generally a disgusting office, everyone confused in their testimony, Hamyat, of questions to see! Take care of your nerves, money! Better outnumbered, but buy a Pole from a normal and proven insurance company! Now just in court with a lawyer to sue this pseudo insurance company.

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Insurance company "Capital Police" was established in 1993.

The insurance group "Capital Policy" unites under a single brand name: CJSC Capital-Polis, LLC "SK" Capital-Policy Insurance ", LLC" SK "Capital-Polis Medicine" and

Consolidated authorized capital groups are more than 300 million rubles.

SG "Capital Police" "together with bank" Aleksandrovsky "and investment company" Energocapital "is part of one of the largest formations in the Northwest - Ego-Holding. Such cooperation allows the group to fully serve the interests of clients financial structures in the field life and health insurance, insurance insurance, loan agreements, financial risks, various types of banking.

In 2008, the Capital Police Company was awarded for the service "Made in St. Petersburg" for the services of "voluntary medical insurance".

"Capital-Polis-Medizin" - for services "compulsory health insurance".

The main principle of the company is guaranteed and qualitative fulfillment of its obligations to customers.

It is aiming fiscal policy, a new reinsurance system.

The company offers an extensive range of real estate insurance services for individuals and corporate clients.
Includes autoilingurance, insurance of apartments, cottages and domestic properties.

There are constantly various promotions on the circuit, among which the insured will definitely choose the appropriate one.

Property insurance boxes make it possible to issue a policy in a short time: without filling in the statement, make an inventory, inspection.

In the reinsurance of the "capital policy" cooperates with the largest Russian and foreign partners.

He goes to insurance group From his reasons, which is the chairman of the health insurance fund of the Union of insurers of St. Petersburg and the Northwest.

September 2014. The national rating agency has confirmed the reliability rating of the CJSC insurance company Capital Polis at level "A".

The Bank of Russia has decided to replace licenses for insurance activitiesClosed joint venture "Insurance company" Capital Polis ".

In October 2016. Rating agency Raex (Expert RA) confirmed the reliability rating of the insurance company "Capital Police" at level A ("high reliability"), the first proposal. The rating forecast is stable, ie the high probability that the rating can save at the current level in the medium term.

CC "Capital Polis", operating on the national market since 1993, is presented today in two regions of the Russian Federation (Moscow and St. Petersburg). The company is an eponymous member financial group. The sphere of its insurance activity is mainly distributed in the north-west of Russia. The priority direction of the company is health insurance. In this segment, the company ranks 17 lines in the rating of the largest insurers that offer DMS services.

The impressive size of its own assets (120 million rubles) gives the company independence from the influence of market factors, financial stability and dynamic development. In the northwest region, the company is among the top five guidelines for premiums in the voluntary health insurance segment.

For a 20-year history of its existence, the CC "Capital Polis" has established itself as an honest partner who can trust its risks. The company focuses on both retail insurance and the corporate market segment. About 90% insurance portfolio. CASE CASCO and DMS contracts.

The staff of the staff exceeds 120 employees. CC "Capital Polis" is a member of the Union of Insurers in St. Petersburg and supports partnerships with other market participants.

The value of his own assets of the group insurance group exceeds 340 million rubles. Important reserves ensure the stability of the company on the domestic market. In 2015, CC "Capital Polis", having collected more than 1.1 billion rubles as insurance premiums, ranked 83 positions.

The secret to the successful development of the company is to build an extensive network of representatives. For 2015. insurance broker And the agents gathered for the company of insurance premiums in the amount of more than 1 billion rubles. Among the customers of the corporation "St. Petersburg Real Estate Fund", "Electron", "Center State Expertise" And other prestigious state and commercial enterprises.

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LLC SK "Capital Polis Honey" is part of the group of companies "Capital Police" and Implements compulsory health insurance.

The greatest activity in the work of the insurance company began in 2000, when the governor of the SPB order 2-P from 01/14/2000 introduced the principle of production of insurance on the territory of St. Petersburg. This means that the working population on Oms is insured in the workplace. This type of health insurance is required for all companies, organizations and institutions in St. Petersburg and is carried out on a non-commercial basis with no additional allocation of funds.

LLC SK "Capital Polis Honey" has the opportunity to organize medical care in medical and preventive institutions with modern equipment. In this way you can quickly solve problems insured citizens from expensive medical services (tomography, radioisotopes, angiographic, ultrasound and other studies), hospitalization and support at the day hospitals and in the outpatient operation centers.

Insured and partners of LLC SK "Capital Polis Honey" are more than 10,000 companies, organizations and institutions, including: Committee on Economic Development, Industrial Policy and Trade, Administration of SPB, Committee on Registration and Social Protection of the Population of SPB, Committee on Land Resources and Land Management SPB, Committee on Urban Property Management for St. Petersburg, Hiop Committee, St. Petersburg State University, State University of Aerospace Instruments, Civil Vision Academy, State Architecture and Construction University, State Statements of Culture "State Hermitage", etc.

to corporate customers.

The insurance company "Capital Polis" does a great deal of work with companies and organizations of the most diverse scale and profile. Especially for corporate clients, complex insurance programs and products are designed that take into account the specifics of their business.

Voluntary health insurance
The company's concern about its employees is one of the high-level indicators of its corporate culture, which is the main factor in forming the image of the organization, both in the eyes of its business partners and the public. From a practical point of view, the cost of disease prevention.

Accident insurance
Accident insurance implies receiving compensation for injuries, sudden illnesses (leading to injuries, health disorders) as well as during the death of the insured. The policy acquires the special importance for the employees of companies, which are related to the production injuries in the workplace in this case, are very likely.

Freight Insurance and Carriers
Thanks to its modern approach, the Veal has proven itself to be a reliable partner in the freight insurance market. We trust our largest transport and logistics companies, postal operators, retailers of electronics, equipment and communications.

Property Insurance Legal Entities It can provide both the defense of offices from leaks and the built-in coverage of various risks in many aspects of the company's activities. The insurance rules developed in our company make it possible to insure various properties, equipment, machines and mechanisms.

Liability insurance
Political Insurance Civil Responsibility It will help cover your losses to third party claims, not only in a corporate fire or leading mass events, but also in animal bite. The list of possible situations that are considered in the policy can worry a wide variety of events.

Transport insurance
With the Casco policyholder (as opposed to the Osaga policy), you receive comprehensive protection for your company's fleet with possible damage or hijacking. In our company, the classic Casco policy is provided additional services; 24-hour evacuation service, absence to the insured to conclude a contract.

In St. Petersburg you can make a policy on Oms Insurance. Capital Polis Medicine in any multifunctional public service delivery center (MFC). MFC is located in every area of ​​the city and allows you to get to polis oms. without visiting an insurance company.


We are used to planning our lives, building in tasks and achieving them. After we have achieved goals, we value them and do not want to lose. Sometimes a case can knock us out of the blue and we become weak and defenseless. At this point in time we want to experience care and attention more than ever. We can take care of you and help you overcome uncomfortable moments in life in order to minimize the damage from your offensive.

The insurance company "Capital Police" is a universal and reliable insurance company, our insurance programs are specially designed for you, based on twenty years of experience. We offer you the following types of insurance:

Car insurance
We strive to ensure that the benefits of working with us have been meaningful and tangible for our customers. In this regard, the company has a whole service and service system, the sole purpose of which is the comfort and convenience of our customer.
Medical care, quality and conditions of competence medical care The compulsory health insurance system is carried out in accordance with the program of state guarantees of free medical care to citizens.

Medical care subscriptions
Subscription is a systematic approach To your health in comfortable conditions for private practice. For the entire period of validity of the subscription to the patient, a discount is provided on all additional research and advice from other specialists.

Medical programs for children
Creating products, our specialists, first, were guided by the idea of ​​continuity in medical prevention, observation and support. Our concern for the child's health begins when the future parents have planned their birth.

Insurance coming to St. Petersburg
For those who come to work in Russia, foreigners are required policy DMS .. It is necessary when it is working on work. For this, insurance is ideal for any selected program, which ensures the payment of medical services throughout the location in the territory of the Russian Federation.

Leave insurance abroad.
The many years of practical experience "Coris Assistance" and the sustainable financial position of the Cap "Capital-Polis" were factors that led to the creation of programs unique to the Russian market that combine a fundamentally new insurance product.

Insurance of homes and property
After car insurance, apartment insurance is the most common view. property insurance. For your convenience, as well as to reduce your insurance costs, we can carry out an audit.

Insurance of country houses
The presence of politics will save you from excitement about your home or the country, which is especially important at the end of the summer season - the house is not left unattended for a long time. For your convenience as well as to reduce your insurance costs, we can carry out an examination.

Accident insurance implies compensation for injuries, sudden illnesses (injuries, health disorders) and during the death of the insured person, the contract can be concluded in favor of a third party.

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