Sold Avid Sibelius

Dear Sibelius users and interested parties,

Due to the given occasion, a different content appears here than the information about the program and its acquisition.

Since 2006, Sibelius has been owned by the American company Avid. The company Avid is or was allegedly in considerable difficulties and is apparently trying to compensate for losses elsewhere with the profitable Sibelius division.

The London developer office is currently being wound up and is due to close at the end of October. This suggests that in this way Sibelius is supposed to generate more profit in the short term, but without ensuring a further development appropriate to this fantastic program.

Avid's announcement that development should continue in a cheaper location (e.g. Ukraine) is not necessarily credible, as there is not a single case in software history in which a well-functioning program has been successfully continued by a third party. That has never worked.

We have therefore decided to discontinue the sale of Sibelius (all versions including upgrades) until further notice in order to put pressure on Avid to transfer the Sibelius division into competent hands. There are now at least two offers from the original developers and owners, the brothers Ben and Jonathan Finn. We expressly support this buyback intention. Unfortunately, Avid has so far refused to sell Sibelius.

Our Sibelius training courses and courses will of course continue and will continue to be offered.

If you would like to provide support yourself, you can do this here, among other things:

There is a link to the petition:

Greetings from Joachim Linckelmann in the hope of future prospects for Sibelius