Can you break open a door

Pick the door lock - that's how it works

FAQ - Frequent questions about picking the door lock

How can you open a closed door yourself?
If the door has slammed, you can open the door relatively easily with a plastic card or other everyday object. All you have to do is press the latch on the door from the outside.

How long does it take to open a locked door lock?
Depending on whether the door is locked or just closed, it can take a few minutes or several hours before the door is opened again.

How much does a locksmith cost?
Here, too, you cannot give a precise answer, but if the door has just slammed, it should not cost more than 100 euros. If the door is locked it will probably be 200-500 euros.

Can you pick a door lock with a hairpin or paper clip?
The idea of ‚Äč‚Äčopening a door with simple objects such as hairpins or paper clips is unrealistic. It is possible, but requires a lot of practice and experience.

Can ABUS door locks also be cracked?
The ABUS brand stands for security, but no lock is perfect. With the right technology, locks from ABUS can also be opened without a key.

What tools do I need to pick a door lock?
If the door has slammed, a simple plastic card is sufficient; if the door is locked, you need special lock picking tools to open it.

Can you pick a door lock without any experience?
It depends a lot on what tools you have. Without experience and the right tools, it is almost impossible to open a locked door.