What is the difference between psychology and law

Legal psychology

A distinction is made between two sub-areas of forensic psychology:

Forensic psychology

Forensic psychology deals with questions in the context of psychological Appraisal at court ("in foro"), z. B. in criminal, social, family, or administrative law. In addition, programs for Offender treatment, the The execution of sentences and measures examined.

Criminal psychology

Criminal psychology, on the other hand, has that Investigation of the origin, manifestations, course and prevention of crime on the subject of research, as well as the investigation of psychological aspects of criminal law. This also includes research topics such as the investigation of the legal use of psychological concepts such as "will" or "intent", criminal law practice, judicial judgment and the analysis of society's punitive needs. The boundary between the two areas of legal psychology is fluid.

Application subject

As an application subject, legal psychology makes use of the basic knowledge of developmental, personality and social psychology. It is closely related to the neighboring disciplines of medicine, in particular forensic psychiatry, criminology and the social sciences. Forensic psychologists' main focus is on appraisal, work in the penal system and penal system, police psychology, victimology and crime prevention.