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Meeting point German 4, textbook

Pages 130/131/132 (test yourself) 1 • Sarah (against): personal freedom is restricted, difficult to control (arguments); Ask when a skirt is too short or pants too tight (example): one can only be against school uniforms (conclusion); • Sebastian (pro): appropriate dressing is learned (argument), bank clerks in shorts, teachers with flip-flops (examples): certain rules of dress make sense (conclusion). 2 Your own opinion is required here. 3 The picture supports the argument that too revealing or inappropriate clothing would be prevented. 4 Criterion 1: Argument concerns a matter directly. Criterion 2: Argument has a greater scope than another argument. 5 a) correct; b) wrong; c) correct; d) correct; e) wrong; f) correct. 6 a) Decision question; b) Supplementary question. 7 examples: Preposition: Because of the many disputes about dress codes in practice, I am against such a regulation in schools. - Adverb: A dress code leads to many disputes in practice, that's why I am against such a regulation in schools. 8 should, can, like, may, want, must. 9 a) actually, only; b) only, also, certain. 10 that, that; b) That, that; c) that, that. 11 a) Instead of discussing a dress code, it is better to think about how to improve the quality of teaching. b) It seems sensible to me to think about introducing a dress code in schools. c) I do not believe in introducing a dress code at all. My professional future - The application Page 133 B E W L E H R E P RÜ H B N A U K N N T D G L W S I N T E R E S S E C R C H K H S R L E B E N S L A U F L I B B S H I L F S B E R E I T T N U B D U F Ä T T N U B D U F Ä T T N U B D U F Ä T T N U B D U F Ä T T N U B D U F Ä T T The most important thing here is that you are honest with yourself and that you realistically assess your abilities and weaknesses. Page 136/137 1 a) Retail trade, office clerk, hairdresser and wig maker (stylist), b) 44.4 percent, c) Metal technology, electrical engineering, automotive technology, d) 34.9 percent, e) Boys tend to have more technical professions as girls, f) Girls and boys are probably trying to fulfill social role models that employers naturally also have, g) boys, h) individually 2 See 1 f). 3 This task depends on the career aspirations in your class. 4 Disadvantage to girls: "This is ultimately based on a social agreement ... technical terms are familiar."; Discrimination against boys: "For example, there are studies that show that boys with a migration background ... where education is not a desirable goal." 6 Of course you have to know that yourself. Page 138/139 1 Architecture, building industry ...: structural engineer, floor layer, stove fitter, air conditioning technician, sign manufacturer; Health, ...: dental technician, hearing aid acoustician, optician; Information…: IT specialist, correspondent, communication technician, geographic information technician; Arts and crafts, ...: porcelain former, gemstone cutter; Agriculture and forestry, ...: forester, skilled apiculture worker, farrier; Life…: skilled fishery worker, nutritionist, distiller; Media, ...: chip designer, producer; Environment, ...: petroleum chemist, glassworks technician. 2/3 The main thing here is that you find out about professions. 4 a) Sandra had prepared well for the interview; she wasn't particularly excited about it. b) Samir calculates particularly well and quickly; he will therefore pass the math test well. c) Mario's career aspirations include gardener, grinder and decorator; he can't really make up his mind yet. d) Mental abilities include logical thinking, the ability to concentrate and technical understanding; Sociability, collegial behavior and reliability are social skills. e) Sarah did not allow enough time; she'll be late for the appointment. f) Actually, I've already learned enough; my boss probably disagrees with that. 5 Mr. Schrad arrives at his company an hour late. It is covered all over with bandages. “I fell through a glass door,” he explains to his colleague. “Well, that doesn't take an hour,” he replies. - Judith asks her friend Andrea: "Where do you work during the holidays this year?" "In a soap factory" is the answer. Judith replies: “You are safely working on the assembly line.” Andrea replies: “No, no, we are of course allowed to walk around freely.” Page 140/141 1/2 1) Demolition specialist; 2) bookbinder; 3) bandagist; 4) graphic artist; 5) camerawoman; 6) photographer; 7) glass blower; 8) furrier; 9) pastry chef; 10) printer; 11) florist; 12) bricklayer. 5 a) 6.0%, b) 11.2%, c) 2016/2017, d) graduates from compulsory school, e) not, f) lower, e) lower solutions 189 For testing purposes only - property of the publisher öbv

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