How do I fight

How do I fight for my ex | 21 tips | Instructions | Strategy | (Update 2020)

How do I fight for my ex / my ex?

You just can't forget him or her? And do you dream of a new beginning between the two of you? But how are you supposed to do that?

I know very well how much you feel right now! And that's why I want to help you. Show you how you can do it:

1) 21 tips that are extremely important for your recapture

2) What you have to do step by step to win back your ex

3) What are good reasons to fight for your ex

4) Whether you should let go or fight

5) how about fighting for the ex - yes or no? Test goes

6) what general tips are to fight the relationship successfully

7) how my conclusion is in this regard.


How do I fight for him or her - video on the topic!

Table of Contents

#Tip 1: Trigger feelings - the 4 pillar strategy

Now you have to trigger feelings!

There are many techniques and approaches that you can use!

One has proven itself time and time again for me. So much so that we have been able to record successes with approx. 70% of our customers!

So: I call this technique the 4 pillar strategy!

Why 4 pillars?

Because in my opinion there are 4 pillars that trigger emotions like love!

These are:

  1. Fun
  2. respect
  3. excitement
  4. security


When we fall in love, these 4 core emotions are always satisfied!

Conditions that make us feel good and bond!

Ok, so far so good!

The question now is: How can you trigger feelings with this knowledge now?

... To the extent that your ex partner or your ex comes back to you ...

  • And that voluntarily ...
  • from full pieces ...
  • and by itself….

So: In a total of 2 steps!

How exactly…

I'll explain that to you now!

Step 1: Initiate a date based on these 4 pillars!

This means:

Be respectful:

  • Allow his masculinity / femininity!
  • Do not restrict him / her by control!
  • And be a good listener

Be humorous:

  • Make him / her laugh as often as you can!

Be exciting:

  • Whether it's a horror film or a roller coaster. Adrenaline is a bonding hormone and increases attraction! So make sure he / she pours out adrenaline on the date!

Trigger security:

Make sure that your ex can be free with you. He / she can be completely himself!

  • Whether to cry ...
  • Or concerns about the future ...
  • Or dramas from the past ...

... All secrets are safe with you!

Step 2: Proximity and distance

  • Doing everything right on the date creates a strong bond!
  • So strong that the first thoughts of a new relationship arise in the ex or the ex!
  • But as soon as that happens, you go back a little!

Say: You bait him / her a little first! And then you let him / her fidget a little!

Important: Go for it subtly!

The result: If you repeat these 2 steps enough times, the ex or ex will automatically develop attraction! An attraction that can lead to a relationship.

Check out our video on the topic:

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#Tip 2: Let go first and then fight

You absolutely need the right attitude during the entire recapture! An attitude that is free from ...

  • print
  • Expectation
  • Emotional addiction
  • And / or chasing after

And there is only one way you can do it!

By letting go of the ex! And that until you hardly have any feelings for him or her!

Because only then do you have the basic mentality that comes into question for a reconquest!

A mental base that creates enough attraction for him / her to fall in love with you again!

That means for you: Work on your emotional independence!


  • Consciously distract yourself!
  • Live your life!
  • Use a contact block!
  • Get happy!
  • Make sure you are fine!

The result: Less mistakes, attachment and more self-confidence!

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#Tip 3: get extremely confident

If you want him or her back, then you have to become a better version of yourself.

A version…

  1. Which is hard to come by!
  2. She knows exactly what she really wants!
  3. Who has both feet firmly in life!
  4. And that exudes extreme self-confidence!

And confidence is the key:

  • Both men and women love confident people!
  • Because self-confident people radiate a great deal of security.
  • And this security in turn creates a tremendous attraction and attractiveness!

How do you get more confident?

Work firmly, purposefully and continuously on your self-love!


# Tip 4: become independent

Dependencies are normal! But if you are too dependent, then you will destroy the whole reconquest. In the worst case, so far that you lose him or her!

Therefore: make sure that you build the greatest possible independence!

And expand it so that you can live well and happily even without your ex partner.


  • Because you approach the reconquest in a completely different way!
  • You no longer fight out of fear, but out of love!
  • A love that is primarily for yourself!

And that is exactly the best motivation to initiate a reconquest. In addition: Self-love creates a lot of attraction!

#Tip 5: trigger jealousy!

Jealousy is never a good idea! Because jealousy ensures that the ex partner is frightened off.

And this horror can then sit so deep that you are completely blocked or contact is prevented.

And you should avoid breaking off contact!


Still, it helps if he or she knows that there are competitors involved. A game that ultimately comes down to recapture!


Only use jealousy if he or she has already entered into a new relationship or if your contact is clearly at your disadvantage.

And by disadvantage I mean that less of him or her comes back! And that you are often simply ignored!

So: what should you do it concretely?

  • It's easy, keep other options open! Options that don't necessarily have to be permanent relationships!
  • But relationships that could eventually lead to a partnership!
  1. Make it possible for you to meet other women or men as well.
  2. Especially to show the ex or ex how desirable you are!
  • But: Never address these topics directly. Better let jealousy topics sink through indirectly (for example via a Facebook post).

The result: He or she will get curious and fight more for you!

Check out our jealousy video!

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# Tip 6: get irresistible and extremely attractive

  • Right now you should be playing with your charms.
  • And play a game that he or she cannot win.
  • And only lose because you are visually stunning.

Work on everything that is possible:

  • The fashion
  • Your hairstyle
  • Your demeanor
  • Your attitude
  • The way you go
  • Etc.

Become an absolute eye-catcher. An eye-catcher that the ex partner simply cannot do without.

Just get everything you can get out of yourself. And show it (Photos and co) on Facebook, at meetings, via WhatsApp and co.

The result: Your ex partner becomes aware of what he / she actually had with you.

Or even better: what he or she could have had with you and possibly can have again!

# Tip 7: know your motivation

Why do you want to fight for your ex partner?


Fighting always means that you have to invest. And you are not necessarily investing “profitably”!

By "profitable" I mean that less of your ex partner will come back.

After all, the two of you are separated! And certainly this decision was made consciously!


  • I don't want to dissuade you from pursuing your recapture!
  • But I want to start where your recapture no longer makes sense.


  • If you want your ex back because you are afraid of loss ...


  • Because you want to confirm your ego ...
  • Because you are afraid of being alone ...
  • Because you are looking for a lack of mother or father love in him or her ...
  • Because you don't have a better option right now ...

Then I give you an important piece of advice: stop reading and let go of all the recapture.

  • That just won't do you any good in the end! Because you just want to satisfy one fear in you.
  • And this “satisfying” goes well until your fear is satisfied.
  • And if it is nursed, your feeling of being in love also disappears.

With the logical consequence: that the two of you separate again!

So that means: pay attention to what your motivation is! And the result of a motivation that only arises from a single core:

Your love for your ex partner.

A love that is strong enough to fight even in this difficult situation and against all odds!

And to fight for only one reason: because he or she is the one for you!

# Tip 8: have a Facebook strategy

Facebook is a powerful tool! A tool with which not only global communication is possible. But also a reconquest can be supported!

And how?

I will explain that to you now:

Use Facebook to generate more attraction and curiosity!

Follow these step by step instructions:

Step one: Write down everything your ex partner was missing about you.

Step two: Think about how you can change these negative traits. (For example, your ex never liked that you never exercised. That's why you regularly go to the gym)

Step three: Change yourself and make your change noticeable! How? On Facebook!

That means: Post what you have changed, how and where!

(Change means doing the exact things your ex or ex has missed about you.)

As an an example: he or she never liked that you never played sports. But now you post on Facebook how well you are after a visit to the gym.

The result: Your ex partner will develop an extremely strong curiosity.

  • A curiosity that is complemented by attraction.
  • And an attraction that results from the fact that he or she really notices that you are about to change.
  • And sometimes change is one of the most important keys to recapture!

# Tip 9: Be happy from the heart

People who are positive are like magnets.

  • Magnets that attract everything.
  • And exert an attraction that can feel like being in love!

Therefore: become one of these magnets!

  1. Become a magnet for positive energy!
  2. Become a magnet for people! Become a person ...
  • ... who makes others happy,
  • ... who is overjoyed himself

... and thereby draws more and more happiness into his life!

A person that other people love! And whom you love because you are loved by him ... Just because this person really loves himself!

That means: become a positive person!

Work on yourself! And work on yourself so long and hard until you are not only thinking positively ...

... but also feel positive and act positively ...

  • Your ex partner will also notice this "action".
  • And as soon as he or she registers your change, you will create a strong attraction.
  • An attraction that is an important part of your recapture.

#Top 10: get exciting

Especially with longer relationships, everyday life returns at some point. An everyday life that destroys the relationship through yawning emptiness, repetitive behavior and endless habits.

And destroy them until you are bored ...

With the result: that at some point boredom will also die and separation will be the last resort.

And that's exactly what you have to change:

Make you get more exciting!

And get so exciting that your relationship 2.0 could never end like this again!

Show the ex-partner that you've changed.

And this to the extent that the entire everyday life with you is extremely fun ...

  • …Excitement…
  • …Enjoyment of life…
  • ... and that means feeling for life.

You can only do that: by getting exciting!

And the only way to get excited is by looking at what makes your life boring and what is boring in your life.

And exchange everything that is boring and means with better things.

Things like ...

  • travel…
  • much to celebrate ...
  • dare to do something ...
  • To put aside shyness ...
  • to approach people ...
  • to work actively on the implementation of your own life dreams ...
  • to attract and consciously build up success ...
  • to plunge into life with full energy and joie de vivre ...

... and just get exciting!

Work on exactly these things. And you create a lot of attraction!

#Tip 11: the right communication - the mirror technology

There are many ways of communication. Your communication is crucial for the recapture!

And a reconquest often fails for just one reason: faulty communication.

Therefore: communicate correctly!


Watch out: Use the so-called mirror technique!

It is crucial for you that you approach the contact with the ex correctly! The best way is that you are both on the same wavelength!

And you can only achieve this state with the so-called mirror technique.

Do the following:

Copy him or her ...

  1. In content ...
  2. In word count ...
  3. In emotion of text messages ...
  4. In the intention of the text messages ...
  5. And in the intensity of the text messages ...

Say: you write everything back exactly as it is sent to you.

Called: if you only have a simple "Hello how are you"Get, then you just write a simple"Hello, I am fine" back. No more and no less!

Here's an example:

The result: if you carry through your communication in this way, you will avoid serious mistakes ...


  • Exaggerated declarations of love ...
  • Mistakes like chasing after ...
  • Related news ...
  • Building up pressure ...
  • Angry messages ...
  • Or indoctinated expectations that push the ex or ex further and further away from you.

Therefore: communicate with the mirror technology.

#Tip 12: Use a contact lock

  • A contact blocker is an incredibly powerful tool.
  • A tool that you should use too.
  • Because the right use helps you to trigger certain emotions.

There are two core emotions:

  1. On the one hand: "I want what I can't have".
  2. On the other hand: “We only learn to appreciate people when we lose them”.

These two core emotions are super-extremely important. So important that they can make the difference between success and failure!

In addition: a contact block helps you to find your center.

This is important. Because only in your midst will you ...

  • confident…
  • independently…
  • strong and attractive!

And all of these are qualities that are important for your recapture.


How do you set up a contact block?

Note 3 things:

  • Keep it short!
  • Leave a positive impression!
  • And leave the impression that he or she could lose you forever!

And this is how it could look in written form:

Hello, I'm sorry, but I have to tell you something ...

I want to break off contact with you.

I want that because everything is too much for me right now. I have to concentrate on myself now!

If I don't get in touch with you anymore, then I wish you all the best and only the best for the rest of your life. Lovely wishes …

Check out this video if you want to learn more about contact blocking!

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#Tip 13: solve the contact block correctly - the K.R.I technology

Building the contact block is a story.

It is another story to dissolve the KS! Without the ex partner running away.

And this is how it is done right! - the KRI technology!

# Tip 14: never be angry

You have many reasons to be angry.

  • Angry that he or she left you!
  • And that you have not only been abandoned, but above all have been hurt.

So far that you suffered extremely.

So there are numerous reasons for bombarding him or her with angry news!

I know!

But: Deliberately hold back. To the extent that none of your displeasure or anger is noticed!

Why should you hold back?

So: You have to make the best possible impression. Always!

An impression that is formative enough that he / she does not forget you for a long time. And remembered positively!

Of course, that feels unfair at first. And even more so if you have been abandoned by him or her.

But: when you can get your anger and hatred under control and push it backwards. So far back that your positive side always comes into its own!

And it comes into its own so much that the ex feels holistically at home with you despite the separation: then you will benefit from all of this with unblocking contacts!

You will make a really good impression. And that impression will fall in your favor in the end.

# Tip 15: Be positive and spread positive energy

Your ex partner must feel comfortable with you.

Because well-being ensures that the bond with you is strengthened. And only a stronger bond leads to the reconquest!


  • …Think positive…
  • ... be positive ...
  • ... be encouraging ...
  • ... gives strength ...
  • ... look at him or her with love despite separation!

Why is that so important?

So: Our brain is designed like this ...

  • ... that we focus on mental stability ...
  • ... to mental positivity ...
  • ... and be drawn to mental strength.
  1. Drawn in because we always feel confirmed and recognized by positive people! You are just doing us good!
  2. And this principle still applies today! A principle that you too must take advantage of.

Therefore: Use this principle, think positively and create a strong attraction!

An attraction that is an important piece of the puzzle for your recapture!

# Tip 16: No friendship

  • Often the ex partner is offered a friendship.
  • A basis of friendship so that you can keep in touch.
  • Although this connection has nothing to do with love anymore.


  • ... you will be put in a drawer immediately. A drawer that is no longer of a romantic nature, but of a purely friendly nature.

Therefore: avoid friendship!

Once you are caught in the friendship trap, it takes an incredible amount of energy, knowledge and strategy to make a reconquest a success!

Save yourself that!

Naturally: friendship can be used as a last resort. But only if it looks really bad (e.g. you have been blocked or he / she already had a new partnership, etc.).

If this is not the case, then renounce friendship!

And show the ex-partner what you really want!

Check out our video on the topic:

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# Tip 17: stand behind your mistakes

We all make mistakes! Mistakes that can sometimes lead to separation.

But there is one thing that many people also do wrong: You don't stand behind your mistakes!

On the contrary:

  • it is lied ...
  • secret ...
  • ... things are figured out and the truth is distorted.

The logical result: more and more resentment, lack of trust and so on ... ?!

Therefore: stand behind your mistakes!

  • And if you've made mistakes, openly state that you made those mistakes.
  • Position yourself confidently behind these mistakes.
  • Don't approve of these mistakes! But take responsibility for it!

Why? Because that leaves an extremely positive impression on your ex! And builds trust!

# Tip 18: Relationship 2.0

  • Many are doing everything right in the reconquest!
  • So right that you actually slip into a new relationship.
  • Well, and then comes the big bankruptcy ...

What do i mean by that?

Very easily: That many lose sight of the essentials!

  1. Above all, why there was a breakup.
  2. Reasons for separation are problems that must be dealt with.
  3. They should be reflected so well that it is impossible to separate them again with the same mistakes.

So: work on your relationship 2.0 during the recapture!

That means: that you see, reflect, process and avoid old relationship mistakes!

It's best to write down everything that caused the breakup.

The causes are more emotional ...

  • more objective ...
  • more rational ...
  • ... and meant of an interpersonal nature.
  1. Write first everything that caused the breakup.
  2. And create Secondly an action plan so that it doesn't come to a separation again!
  3. And speaks third this action plan to the ex partner!


As soon as your new relationship starts. So best as early as possible!

Tip 19: strategy after blocking contacts

I already explained to you how you should cancel your contact block.

But dissolving alone is not enough.

Much more important is a well-functioning strategy after contact blocking.

And what that looks like, I'll show you now.

  1. Step one: make contacting people incredibly fun.
  2. Step two: Make a joint meeting!
  3. Step three: meet up and have an incredibly good time together!

It is important that you keep the following in mind at the meeting:

  • Make massive fun!
  • Avoid relationship issues
  • Create a feeling of security and excitement!
  • Respect him / her in all his / her decisions!
  • Be expectant!

Step four: If the meeting is at its peak, break it off due to time constraints. In the best case scenario, you have a good friend to meet!

Step five: Arrange to meet again at the end of the date!

Step six: Meet again and get closer!

  • As a man: you should establish physical contact, then kiss her and finally seduce her!
  • As a woman: you should give the right signals so that he can seduce you!

Step seven: Sleep together and only talk about a new relationship afterwards!

Important: Only after you have slept together should you "the theme of the relationship" speak to.

Also address old relationship mistakes!

Check out our video on the topic:

Or read our article on the subject of "Ex back after contact blocking"!

Tip 20: only fight when you no longer want to fight!

  • This means that you are over your ex partner.
  • To the extent that you are independent. Above all, emotionally independent and at peace with herself.


Don't fight again until you don't want to fight anymore.

This means that you first focus on your center.

And your middle is called:

  • That you are fully back in life.
  • That you could be happy even without the ex-partner!
  • And that you have developed such a strong emotional independence that your complete attachment vanishes!

Why is it important that you only fight for him / her then?

Very easily:

  • Because you make fewer mistakes when retaking!
  • Because you exude self-confidence and independence (which makes it extremely attractive)!
  • Because you could without him or her. Which has an extremely strong effect on the entire performance!
  • Because you are changing your expectations! And your ex will feel much more relaxed as a result!

I. E. to you: Work to overcome your lovesickness. To the point that you become emotionally independent!

And only then do you start your reconquest!

Tip 21: stay motivated and don't give up hope

If you decide to retake, be motivated!

Motivation is the be-all and end-all!

A good core motivation supported by ...

  • ... the right strategy ...
  • ... a low error rate ...
  • ... and a well thought-out approach ...

... incl. good planning improves your chances massively!

Motivation means: that you are absolutely sure of your love for him or her.

A certainty that you radiate. And a charisma that exerts a strong attraction on the ex partner.

And you will need this attraction for the entire recapture!






Read on now! Because now I'm going to show you a concrete strategy for conquering back! Follow this step by step and you simply CANNOT go wrong!

How do I fight for my ex - step by step instructions!

I know very well how valuable specific instructions are. That's why I created one. And show you step by step how to successfully fight for your ex.

Step 1: Find the cause of separation

The first step is to go into analysis: what really triggered the breakup? What were the reasons that you two didn't work out the first time? How to do that, I'll tell you here:

How do I find the cause of the separation?

1. What did he or she say - why did you want to break up?

Remember your break-up interview. What were the reasons then that were given from his or her side? Write them down! This way you will remember better ...

2. What does your feeling say about the cause?