What does flight mean?

Where can I find my flight number and what does it mean?

Where to find the flight number

In general, the flight number identifies a specific flight of a specific airline. Sounds logical, but where can you find it in your documents? In addition to the boarding pass, the flight number can also be found on the ticket and the booking confirmation. As a rule, the flight number is referred to as "flight", "flight" or simply "flight number".

Since the boarding passes of the various airlines are not standardized, it often happens that the flight number can be found in different places. The trick to still finding the number unerringly is to understand how it is structured.

Structure of the flight number

The flight number usually consists of a one to four-digit number Sequence of numbers, the so-called IATA code is prepended. Sounds confusing at first, but it means nothing more than that Airline abbreviation an airline. For Air Berlin, for example, “AB” would appear in front of the sequence of numbers.

The airline abbreviation usually consists of one to three letters, but in some cases it can also contain a number, for example TUIfly is identified as "X3" in the flight number.

Each flight number is only issued once per day, even if the same route is served several times a day. If you know the flight number and date, you can find out the place of departure, departure time and destination airport. If we stay with the example of Air Berlin, the current flight number "AB6303" refers to the Air Berlin flight at 12.30 pm from Hamburg to Munich. The flight number can also be reassigned, for example when a connection is abandoned.

Further examples of airline abbreviations from the flight number:

The flight number can also be found on the display board at the airport.