How is snowfall measured in the United States

Snow storm puts eastern North America on ice

Fatal accidents and blackouts

Up to half a meter of fresh snow

In parts of North America, the heaviest snow storm in years is on the way. More snow fell in New York's Central Park than in the entire past winter. In the meantime the situation on the streets has eased again.

You can see the effects of the winter chaos in the video.

New York wrapped in white

The snowfall had started in some coastal states on late Wednesday afternoon (local time). A day later, meteorologists measured 50 centimeters of fresh snow for parts of Pennsylvania. In the metropolis of New York, 16 centimeters of fresh snow was measured in Central Park until one o'clock on Thursday morning with persistent snowfall - more than the twelve centimeters that had fallen there in the entire winter of the previous year.

The weather forecast for the east of the USA

Fatal accidents and blackouts

The snowfall caused accidents, some of which were fatal. Two people died in a mass accident in the state of Pennsylvania involving up to 60 vehicles.

The website reported power outages in around 70,000 households in the northeastern United States on Thursday morning - a rather low figure compared to similar weather conditions in the past.

The snow depth also comes to us

On Thursday, the storm moved further to the northeast, most of the streets around the metropolis were cleared in light, persistent snowfall.

The low is now on its way to us. First it pulls across the Atlantic and then the snow depth reaches Germany almost exactly at Christmas.

So here are the chances of winter

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