Is baking at home a lucrative job?

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Part-time jobs are also becoming increasingly popular with retirees. The threat of old-age poverty is often the reason why older people feel compelled to earn some extra money. But it is not only financial bottlenecks that motivate seniors to look for a part-time job again. Many feel under-challenged in their free time and seek compensation in employment.

A positive side effect of a sideline is the merit. As simple as it sounds, there are no jobs for retirees like a dime a dozen, and not every company hires older people for temporary part-time work. We show the most popular and most suitable secondary jobs for seniors, and which other activities are possible for the financial improvement of the pension.

Additional income through mini-job

A mini-job is an employment relationship that does not exceed a certain maximum earnings limit. This has been in place since January 2013 Limit at 450 euros per month. Hence the common term “450 Euro job”. If you do not exceed this monthly amount, there is no risk that the earnings will be offset against the retirement benefit. In this case, the salaries would be reduced.

Special payments such as Christmas bonuses also leave your pension entitlement untouched, as long as they do not exceed 900 euros per year. If you earn more money, your pension insurance will check the amount of a reduction in your pension. You should therefore find out from your insurance company in good time if you could get into such a situation. More information can be found here.

What are the most attractive part-time jobs that are on the one hand popular with people of retirement age and on the other hand are offered by companies for retirees?

Transport service provider

Driving services are very attractive for older people who can still move safely with a car. These include e.g. B. Courier trips for pharmacies or similar institutions. The more will also be Passenger transport gladly taken over by (early) retirees.

These are transports of people who cannot drive themselves, but who depend on it. The daily commute to and from workshops for the disabled is a much sought-after field of activity. All that is required for these journeys is good local knowledge or the safe use of a navigation device. A passenger transport ticket is required in the latter case Not required, as you usually carry a maximum of six people.


The job as a doorman is very suitable for seniors, as it is not too physically stressful. If you have a well-groomed appearance and enjoy being in contact with people, this job is an appropriate job for older people. It is particularly useful if you work as a porter in the company in which you were previously employed.

There you still know people, structures and areas that make your work easier. If necessary, it is possible to continue the employment relationship in retirement age on the basis of a mini job. But even for “newbies” it is usually not a problem to quickly find their way into the tasks.

Passenger counter / survey

These mini jobs are offered by Deutsche Bahn and many other German railway companies. They serve the purpose of market research, more precisely the passenger analysis and utilization of trains.

Often, surveys of passengers are also part of the range of tasks. In any case, you should also have a confident and well-groomed appearance here, as well as show friendly interaction with the passengers. Your working hours vary according to the train connections offered from early in the morning to in the evening at the agreed working hours.

Make money from home

If you prefer your living environment as a place to work for extra income, there are also various options available. On the one hand, there is the option of being a product tester.

Product tester is a convenient and exciting way to earn money from home. This work serves market research purposes in a wide variety of product areas, from hand creams to movies. This usually requires a Registration over the Internet.

The products are either sent directly to your home or you can arrange them yourself. In most cases, the assessment is then also carried out online. So there should be an internet affinity. The remuneration varies depending on the provider.

From various point systems for product reviews to Coupons large online retailers such as Amazon up to one Cash withdrawal you will be rewarded for your reviews. But registering a small business can also be a decent opportunity for many to earn more money in old age.

Register small / ancillary businesses as retirees

What might put many people off, but is definitely an attractive alternative to a sideline in retirement, is registering a business. If you have pursued a craft profession for years or have your hobby in this direction, why not use leisure activities that you enjoy as a side income?

The prerequisite is, of course, that your products are asked by potential customers. The offer can range from individually knitted clothing to special woodwork. It is also possible that you can acquire new skills and thus fill your old age.

Early retirees who may have received a severance payment can invest some of them in new equipment such as tools and materials and thus equip themselves optimally for their additional income. Setting up a small workshop or work nook where you can be productive is often an advantage.


People who earn a little extra money in retirement are no longer uncommon today. As possible occupational fields, companies repeatedly offer suitable jobs that are well suited for older people, such as B. as a transport service provider for people with disabilities or for pharmacies. There are also many vacancies for senior citizens as a porter.

If you want to turn your hobby into a profession, the leap into small business may still be an adequate option. Artisanal products, such as self-knitted clothing or their own woodwork, may appeal to other people so much that they are willing to pay money for them. In the age of the Internet, various goods can also be sold online very easily.

However, you should pay attention to how much income you are generating so as not to have to accept a reduction in your pension. Otherwise, we advise you to stay as active as possible. This keeps your body and mind fit and helps you enjoy your life to the fullest.