What are some Vietnamese traditional alcoholic beverages

Live like the Vietnamese: You get up early at 5 a.m., do sports in the park, eat the traditional rice soup pho for breakfast and then sit on the sidewalk for a refreshing drink. Which drinks are popular with the Vietnamese? What do you choose from our suggestions?

  1. Chè nóng - Hot tea:

This type of tea is found in the northern region, especially in Hanoi city. Here elderly women sit on the roadside with a fan pointed at themselves. They chew red betel leaves, which stain their teeth black, while sitting on one of the small wooden stools. They hold a hot cup of tea in one hand and a pipe in the other. An everyday scene that you can watch anywhere. This image touches every traveler who visits the capital Hanoi. Enjoy a cup of hot tea (made from lotus or jasmine) and smoke a pipe while chatting with your friends. This is the simple and everyday life of Hanoi's residents. How about you? Surely an interesting experience, isn't it?

  1. Trà đá - iced tea:

In South Vietnam you can say “Trà đá!” Order anywhere, in every restaurant, in every ice cream parlor and in every bakery. A glass of iced tea is served with each coffee. Iced tea seems to be an essential drink for the locals. The reason for the popularity of the ice tea is as simple as the character of the locals in the south, because it is fresh, served quickly, cheap and quenches thirst.

  1. Nước mía - sugar cane juice:

Listen to the noises during the production of the sugar cane juice on a sunny summer afternoon when the sugar cane is slowly pressed through the machine. A feeling of happiness will overwhelm you when you enjoy this popular and refreshing juice. In addition to its slightly sweet taste, the juice is good for your health. It not only provides a lot of good energy, but also prevents certain diseases, such as: kidney stones, diabetes, jaundice, flu, ...

  1. Cà phê - coffee:

In Hanoi, the traditional hot black coffee is served in small cups on every street corner and in Saigon you can enjoy the ice-cold coffee with milk. Every day this drink seems to be a must for the Vietnamese people. Rendezvous, group work, business meetings, etc. always take place in a café. That is why you will find numerous small cafes everywhere in every city. You can drink coffee in a park, on a stool on the side of the road, or simply order it to go. Coffee is the reason the Vietnamese are so active!

  1. Soy milk:

In addition to soy milk, peanut milk and mung bean milk are also offered at the stalls, so that there is something for every taste. The small stalls can be found on the sidewalk in the early morning. The soy milk is served either hot or cold, as desired. Don't hesitate to ask and just order a glass of the delicious soy milk!

  1. Salted Lemon:

Almost all street vendors offer this lemon-yellow drink on their car. This type of juice will refresh your whole body after a long and tiring walk on a hot day. And do you know why? The fact is that drinking lemon juice is one of the best ways to lose weight. Try a little ice, a little sugar, a little water. The salty lemon drink will invigorate your senses!

 7. Sinh Tố - Mixed Fruit:

If you want to have beautiful skin, we recommend this mixed fruit drink. There are many different types of “sinh tố” to try. We recommend Sinh To made from coconut with peanuts, sapodilla with coffee, or avocado with sweet condensed milk, ah we love it!

  1. Rau má, dắp cá, and other sap from the roots of trees or leaves:

After trying these popular Vietnamese drinks, why not try some new and somewhat strange drinks, such as medicinal leaf juice. This drink might taste a little strange at first because you are not used to it. But it's very healthy. Why don't you try it now?

  1. The last drink !!!! We recommend mineral water.

Water is essential for our body, especially on a hot day you should drink plenty of mineral water.

Please be careful! Don't try all of the traditional drinks in one day or you may feel sick.


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