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The best online guitar schools for beginners in comparison

We'll show you how you can easily learn to play guitar with online courses. On this page you will find all the information you need!

What is the best way to learn guitar?

Did you decide to learn guitar? Congratulations on choosing this great instrument! You are probably already wondering what the best way is to get started and get better as quickly and effectively as possible. There are a number of ways to do this:

Each of these ways to learn guitar has its advantages and disadvantages. Private guitar lessons is for example usually very expensive. That's what the lessons are for extremely effective and mistakes can be eliminated very quickly in the guitar student, as the professional recognizes them directly and steers them against them.

Textbooks are suitable very good for learning the theoretical part of the instrument. However, a certain basic musical understanding to properly understand chords and scales is anything but bad. However, theoretical books often tend to boring and dull to be. They are similar to studying for university or school and everyone has probably had enough of them in life. If that's not for you, then maybe videos are more suitable?

As opposed to books, instructional videos are a more active way to practice guitar. There are a large number of different guitar teachers offering their lessons and services on video platforms such as YouTube free provide. The disadvantage here is, unfortunately, that the content is often unstructured are and the learning process poorly documented can be. However, many of the “free” guitar teachers also offer paid courses that are much more stringent and are personally supervised. But more on that later.

Learn to read notes and tabs

If you want to speak a new language, you first have to learn to read it. It's the same with music. Experienced guitarists usually trust their ears to play music - but they already know how to read chords and notes. As a beginner, you definitely need to learn how grades or Guitar tabs to be read. This will allow you to learn new chords and entire songs that are traditionally written down on sheet music or tabs.

Learn music theory

If you just want to learn a few chords to play easy songs, theory isn't essential for you to survive. But if you have a good guitarist who plays with many changing musicians, then you will cannot avoid music theory. You will be able to hear the individual notes in chords, identify which notes are compatible (and which do not), fluently read and play notes, and hear the exact pitch of notes. This task is similar to learning a voily new language and is learned over many years. Many online guitar courses teach you a little theory, but practice is more of a focus. If theory is more important to you, are Textbooks or even the Attending a music school more suitable.

Playing the guitar: genre and playing styles

Due to different music genres and playing styles, guitar playing is very diverse. Electric guitar and acoustic guitar are by no means the only differences. In the acoustic guitar area, you can either play classical guitar or western guitar. You can play with a plectrum or just use your fingers to pluck. In the field of the electric guitar it is even more diverse: Metal guitarists and blues players learn completely different techniques and each live in completely different cosms.

Below we have compared various online guitar courses and recommend which genres are based on them preferably let learn!

The best guitar courses on the internet

If you have decided that an online guitar course is right for you, all you have to do now is choose which of the courses below should be it. Various Prices, various Focus and various Features we compared each other. You should decide which online guitar course it should be based on your wishes and needs.

Music2me.de - guitar

Music school for guitar and piano

The first online course we'd like to introduce you to is Music2me. The program was founded in 2010 by Yacine Khorchi and Andreas Kraus and today has online courses for both guitar as well as piano. While founder Yacine Khorchi is responsible for the piano area, the successful music teacher and guitarist Thomas Dill is responsible for the guitar lessons. The course takes place completely online instead and nothing needs to be downloaded.

Structured content for structured learning

over 220 guitar lessons and 184 piano lessons in the form of elaborately produced videos are available for you. But the videos are not just watched dull, they have practical featuresthat make learning easier. Have the played notes displayed on sheet music or as tablature. Slow down the video to the speed you want. Repeat certain sections as often as you want to look over and over again until the piece fits right.

Tested by Einsteiger.org and found to be good!

Today Music2me counts over 2600 active students. From lessons for absolute beginners to difficult lessons that even practice solos, everything is included. Participation costs monthly 15 € and is therefore significantly cheaper than a "real" music school. If you want to take out a six-month or even a full annual subscription, Music2me will even meet you - so you can save up to 60 €! In addition, the platform is constantly evolving with new lessons and content and is therefore definitely worth a look! We have already done this for you in the form of a review.

  • Only € 15 a month
  • Discounts when taking out an annual subscription
  • Good for guitarists who want to learn pop and rock on electric guitar and acoustic guitar

Guitarvideounterricht.de - song accompaniment

As a musician and instrumentalist, you have to decide for yourself whether you prefer to play solo and thus focus on the instrument, or whether you want to use the instrument as an accompaniment. Either for your own voice, for the voice of another singer or for a band or an entire orchestra. The online course that we'd like to show you next focuses on the guitar as an accompanying instrument. There is no distinction between whether you prefer to play concert guitar or western guitar. Founded by guitarist and YouTube Christian Konrad, this course is designed for twelve months and consists of individual video lessons, which are supplemented by written material. The lessons cost € 219.90 as a package, which can be paid for in full or in three installments. Unfortunately, this course cannot be canceled on a monthly basis. This means that anyone who books guitar video lessons should have the motivation to finish the course. To make your decision easier, you have 30 days after graduation to consider whether you want to finish the course or not. During this period you will get your money back.

  • Focus on song accompaniment
  • Especially good for acoustic guitarists who also want to sing
  • 30 day money back guarantee

Guitarvideounterricht.de - read sheet music

There are a lot of autodidacts among guitarists - players who have taught themselves the instrument without a teacher. Not only is it often more difficult to learn the correct technique, but also to learn to read music. Especiallyfor classical music making, for example in an orchestra, that isan absolute must. So if you play a little guitar but can't read sheet music, then this course could be for you. The guitar teacher Christian Konrad will teach you to read music in a ten-week course. So you can not only fall back on fingerings and tablatures, but also understand themLanguage of musicians Completely. Learn scales, the structure of chords and voicings, and how to play with other instruments. The course costs € 54.90 once and can be paid for in three installments. Unfortunately there is no money-back guarantee.

  • Learn the musicians' language effectively
  • Better understanding of chords and scales
  • One-time payment or payment in installments
  • No money back guarantee

Meinemusikschule.net - Large variety of instruments

The online offerMy music schoolwas founded by the music journalist and guitar teacher Bernhard Galler and focuses in particular on the acoustic guitar. Other instruments are also available. The lessons build on the curriculum of the Association of German Music Schools and therefore come closest to attending a real music school. The lessons take place on the screen and can easily be divided up by yourself. The first trial month costs € 4.90 - after that, € 27 per month is due. That's what the program doesconsiderably cheaperthan attending a music school. If you notice on the way that you don't like the program after all, you can rest assured: Of course my music school canterminated monthly without notice become.

  • No minimum term or notice period
  • Trial month for € 4.90

Fender Play - learning from the guitar giant

If you are interested in playing guitar, you will surely hear the name before fender have heard. This Californian company invented the first solid body electric guitar in the 1950s, an electric guitar made from a solid block of wood. The inventor Leo Fender was instrumental in building electric guitars as we know them today. Today the company is one of the global market leaders for instruments and music of all kinds. In the last few months, Fender have themselves developed an online music school called Fender Play.

These lessons take place on the smartphone or tablet via app and adapts to you: When you register, you choose a desired genre or style and the app creates its own curriculum for you. This works for learning electric guitar, learning electric bass, learning acoustic guitar, and even learning ukulele. The course is best for those who have never had a guitar in hand but have always wanted to play - it starts from scratch. The lessons and the resulting difficulty increase bit by bit. Plus, you'll learn to play songs right from the start. First in simple versions and then in the form of full-blown compositions.

The first 14 days are free, after that the course costs € 15.99 per month. With an annual subscription you can save up to around € 100, as Fender Play costs € 99 per year. The app is available for iOS and Android devices. Please note that Fender Play is currently only available in English. Of course, it can be used at the same time to improve your English - but if that is not in your interest, a German-language course is more promising for you.

  • Great variety of instruments
  • Mobile learning possible via app
  • Discount when taking out an annual subscription
  • Focus on learning songs
  • So far only available in English

Guitar Master Plan - focus on rock & metal

The guitar school “Guitar Master Plan” pursues a different concept. Only learning rock and metal on the electric guitar is taught here. There is also a basic course for beginners, which consists of twelve different modules that doactically build on one another. Other courses for more advanced players are also available.

So you don't pay a monthly fee, but purchase the individual modules and “keep” them for life. Kind of like buying a DVD. The founders guarantee a clear and structured way to learn rock and metal songs, play riffs and learn your first solos. It is aimed at both beginners and advanced players, as the later lessons are much more professional than the difficult lessons of the other online guitar schools. All beginner lessons are available at the reduced total price of € 197 (instead of € 368).

  • Focus on rock and metal
  • Large number of modules
  • Video production leaves a lot to be desired

Guitar tricks - tried and tested since 1998

The Guitar Tricks website is very well known and popular in English-speaking countries. She herself advertises that over three million people have learned and practiced with the site. Probably the biggest advantage of the site is that the scope of lessons and the availability of many different genres leave little to be desired. On the other hand, the page and lessons are in English, as is Fender Play. If that's not a problem for you, then read on. The lessons are video-based and didactically build on one another. There is something for both beginners and professionals. So it should be easy for you to learn your favorite songs. The program has various teachers with different strengths who take you under their wing and train you to become a worthy successor using videos.

  • Different genres
  • Multiple teachers

My Dear Instruments - Plenty of time to decide

The unreserved advantage of this course is that it has unlimited free access, so you can choose carefully whether or not to spend money on guitar lessons. With My Dear Instruments you can do both Acoustic guitar, as well as Electric guitar and Electric bass learn. This program is also video-based and teaches the practice largely through learning songs. In addition to the instructional videos for the instrument, there are also helpful blog posts to help beginners find their way around.

  • Free trial access with no time limit
  • Multiple instruments and teachers
  • Intended exclusively for beginners

Guitar institute - lessons with Georg Norberg

Georg Norberg is perhaps the most famous guitar teacher in Germany. First of all: If you want to learn guitar for free and are looking for a suitable course, you should take a closer look at Georg's YouTube channel. With patience and in a friendly manner, Norberg teaches some basics about guitar playing. However, if you are looking for a coherent course that deals with a certain type of game, Norberg is the right place for you. He offers a wide range of different guitar courses. All you have to do is choose the right one. The choices are:

  • Guitar crash course (for absolute beginners)
  • Magic guitar runs (for acoustic guitar and electric guitar)
  • Blues Picking Crash Course (for blues guitarists)
  • Pop Song Secrets (for aspiring songwriters)

All courses have a different focus. In terms of price, they are all in the range from € 90 to € 100 at the current special price.

  • Different genres from one teacher
  • Module based

All online music schools in comparison

Here you can find a comparison table for all of the online guitar schools mentioned above. Hopefully there is something for you. We hope you enjoy practicing!