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DIE HYPNOSEPRAXIS: Experience reports & feedback


Dear Mrs. Kundrikova,

I am happy to report that my vaccination appointment today came very close to my perfect sequence.

I felt much more relaxed from the waiting room (here I went through the process again and also “knocked” a bit) up to the treatment, which enabled me to better engage in a conversation with my doctor, which in turn made me more relaxed

For more security, I asked that I be given the vaccinations while sitting on the couch; I lay down there for a short time immediately after the vaccination and breathed relaxed for 2-3 minutes and continued to talk while my vaccination certificate was filled out. I felt good straight away and had no circulatory problems whatsoever, so I was able to get up immediately and leave the practice with a great feeling.

Many thanks for your help! I would be happy to come back to you in the future if fears / learned patterns make everyday life unnecessarily difficult.

Greetings & have a nice weekend



I suffered from a compulsive tic for years before the hypnosis sessions. Ms. Kundrikova was able to bring about remarkable improvements in the first 90 minutes of therapy that would never have been possible before. After a total of four sessions, I was able to successfully complete the treatment and I am overjoyed with the result and the increase in quality of life. I had previously tried everything possible to change my behavior - hypnosis was the last option open to me.
I was quick to open up to Ms. Kundrikova. She is an extremely empathetic and understanding woman who identifies problem points very quickly and always finds the right words. Thank you very much for the instructive time! I suffered from an obsessive compulsive tic for years before the hypnosis sessions. Ms. Kundrikova was able to bring about remarkable improvements in the first 90 minutes of therapy that would never have been possible before. After a total of four sessions, I was able to successfully complete the treatment and I am overjoyed with the result and the increase in quality of life. I had previously tried everything possible to change my behavior - hypnosis was the last option open to me.
I was quick to open up to Ms. Kundrikova. She is an extremely empathetic and understanding woman who identifies problem points very quickly and always finds the right words. Thank you very much for the instructive time!



Ms. Kundrikova shows you that you have to take another turn and brings you on a better way!

Lucas E.


I was given very detailed advice. She also gave nice examples of where I could find myself. After leaving the practice, I had a positive attitude that I continued to maintain. The tasks I was given helped me deal with anxiety. Thanks a lot for this..



I was given very good advice. The hypnosis hit immediately. I lost over 4 pounds in the first month. I can only recommend. Dare!



I was in the practice for the first time today. For 11 years I have suffered from generalized anxiety disorder and have completed all therapies, including medicinal ones. Nothing worked in the long term. What I experienced today exceeds my idea of ​​hypnosis. After a detailed discussion about my diagnosis, I was explained how the hypnosis works. Then I was able to take a seat on a very comfortable, soft lounger and was gradually put into a deep trance. When I fell into a trance I had a pressure on my temples, then I felt my energy opening and when my subconscious should let go of all my fears and problems the pressure on my temples dropped and it felt like I was short and softly fell. It was super pleasant, it's very difficult to describe. I was overcome by an unbelievable feeling of happiness, with tears flowing, when I was woken up from the hypnosis, I felt so happy and couldn't stop laughing. I felt light and free! I don't know when I was last so happy! It's a wonderful and I would say mind expanding experience, I really recommend it to everyone! I'm looking forward to my next session so much and you don't have to be afraid at all, it's the nicest and most pleasant feeling ever. It was fantastic! I'm still totally overwhelmed by it !!

Olga V.


I'm gone because for years negative thoughts have steered me in the wrong direction, through hypnotherapy I have learned how to divert these thoughts. Ms. Kundrikova is very personable and has years of experience in various areas.

N / A.


Through hypnosis, I have been able to feel the feeling of pure joy for a long time. Like a body full of butterflies. The advice and working together on different life situations also helped me a lot. It increases the quality of life immensely

Jana R.


My experience has been very good. I have some previous knowledge and can only confirm that I was treated very seriously and very personally. At the second appointment, my treatment was very individually tailored to me. I can only recommend (-:

Uwe T.


I made a conscious choice for Ms. Kudrikova because she was familiar with my obsessive-compulsive disorder. Just after 3 hypnosis sessions she got rid of my problem. The lady is top in her work and does not work on an hourly rate. She takes as much time as is needed. I can recommend your practice with a clear conscience to anyone who needs changes in life to improve the quality of life. Dare to talk to her openly about problems, it will be worth it!



I had a total of 3 sessions and I am very satisfied with the hypnotherapy. During my detailed preliminary talk, the first hypnosis started immediately with my consent. A blockage solution was also made. I was totally thrilled and surprised about the experience after the first session. I felt a lightness like I haven't felt for a long time. In my last session, various past situations in which I had felt distressing feelings were resolved. I am now looking to the future with confidence and thank Ms. Kundrikova very much for her work. I can recommend it only.

Anna K.


I learned a lot about myself. And now what you have learned must be implemented. I look forward to spending time with me. Hypnosis was always very pleasant and went down well with me.

Tanja T.


There were positive changes after the first appointment. It's hard to believe ... The treatment is really recommended. Many thanks to Ms. Kundrikova!

Mrs. S.


Ms. Kundrikova is a very personable, emphatic, experienced and competent hypnotherapist. From my very first session, I felt a lot better. Since then I have been much more loving in dealing with myself and with others. My "allergies" (which I fought against for 15 years) have gotten much better. I feel more zest for life again ... I could go on forever. I am not for hypnosis with the thought of the “last hope”, but as support (with) my psychotherapy, emotional eating, the reactions of my body to certain influences and other topics that cannot be logically explained to me. And I can recommend Ms. Kundrikova from the bottom of my heart - because so much has changed for me after just two sessions! Thanks.

Leslie Kraft


Stunning treatment result.

Michaela B.


I can only agree with the positive internet reviews. After my first session with Ms. Kundrikova, there was already an improvement. I came to her because of severely disrupted eating behavior (sugar addiction). After an intensive preliminary talk, the hypnosis began. On the following day, my eating behavior was positively influenced, as I had hoped, and since then gummy bears and Co. have been safe from me. I can only warmly recommend Ms. Kundrikova and thank her from the bottom of my heart for her support.

Heike E.


Thank you for the tremendous help that hypnosis has given me. From now on I can look more positively and unencumbered into the future, have goals and have become stronger. Through you I was able to close the past and learn to see my ex-partner with different eyes. I came out of the sessions much stronger and can only recommend, in my case: when it comes to emotional dependence, not being able to let go and being more self-confident. Ms. Kundrikova does everything to help the patient and I never thought that I would feel THAT when I was in hypnosis. This feeling of heaviness and then of lightness surprised and positively influenced me. You also have to do homework that will help you avoid ending up in the black hole again. Thank you very much for the opportunity to get to know you and I really appreciate your work. Many Thanks.



A light, relaxed and familiar atmosphere welcomed me and I had a very positive feeling that I was in good hands. My therapy (smoking cessation) was successful and I managed it without much effort. Ms. Kundrikova has a wide range of knowledge, passion and that Loving accompaniment during the treatment, I will recommend you again and again.

Petra J.


It's been an amazing and wonderful experience. A wonderful feeling to feel free again. I can only recommend it. Many Thanks!



Very accommodating and friendly. The sessions have shown their effects very well. I am very pleased

Salahuddin Ali Faris


The hypnosis helped me a lot and was very satisfied.

T. C.


After just three sessions, I notice a lot of positive changes in myself and can highly recommend Ms. Kundrikova. Your effort is great and your method effective. It's amazing how quickly you can feel that. Before the therapy, I was a bit skeptical, but at the same time open and confident that I would learn to rethink and develop here. And it's like that, after only three weeks I'm a different person. There is still a long way to go, but I know what my goal is and that it is possible to live dreams.

A. S.


Felt very comfortable, honest and authentic, a lot of knowledge and experience

Anna B.


Ms. Kundrikova has a very positive and pleasant voice and has helped me a lot to change my way of thinking

Kristina Uskovic


Many people think that having a hypnosis session will make you lose control. Exactly the opposite is the case. Ms. Kundrikova discusses the problem before the hypnosis, then the hypnosis comes. An incredible feeling. On the same day, changes took place in me that helped me to address my problems. Two weeks later, my overall situation had changed so much that I could make decisions that I wasn't able to make before. Since then I've been doing very well and I would contact Ms. Kundrikova again at any time. Dear Ms. Kundrikova, thank you very much.

Claudia B.


Ms. Kundrikova is really empathetic. She tries to figure out the real problem and then uses her hypnosis methods to work with it. It was really a pleasant experience. I can only recommend it.



I am really excited. I had persistent negative thoughts and associated with them a lack of self-worth. In addition, or in connection with it, I still had to bump my fingernails a bit. I came to Ms. Kundrikova with the request to "solve" at least one of both ailments. At the beginning I didn't really know what to expect, but Ms. Kundrikova accompanied the entire process excellently and after the first session the fingernails were knocked off -> that was crazy because it was with me for 30 years !! My self-worth was also directly on a different level. I decided to do 10 sessions because of the initial success and each session was absolutely worth the money, as this entire process has changed my life in so many very, very positive ways (energy, joy, serenity ...). From my point of view, the best investment of my life. Many Thanks!



Great hypnotist! After 23 years of depression and countless therapies, hospital stays and electroshock therapies, I turned to hypnosis with Ms. Kundrikova. In a severely depressed state with thoughts of suicide, hopelessness, powerlessness and weeping, I took part in my first hypnosis classes without expectations. My family noticed after the first two hypnoses that I felt better for a few hours - I didn't notice it myself. After three sessions I noticed it too, and after the fourth session I felt much better and was no longer depressed. I have a zest for life again and am happily traveling. Incredible performance! I never would have thought that hypnosis could have such an effect and my family is amazed at the difference between my then and present state. 100% recommendation from my side

Renate T.


Hypnosis can be compared to a guided fantasy journey. One comes in an extremely relaxed state and is receptive to suggestions. Don't be afraid of it. Ms. Kundrikova takes the time to understand the problem and also gives recommendations that can help in everyday life. Then the hypnosis takes place. The hypnosis had an extremely relaxing effect on me, it is as relaxing as a day in the thermal baths or a relaxing massage. And it had an effect on me too. The practice in Heusenstamm is cozy and inviting, and parking is easy to find. In my experience, appointments are made promptly, Ms. Kundrikova reacts very quickly to contact via email. A beneficial experience. This is not my last time with Ms. Kundrikova. 🙂 Clear recommendation.



My experience has been consistently positive. I came to Ms. Kundrikova with two concerns. There was of course a certain skepticism, as the image of hypnosis in the media is very distorted. Completely wrong and this hypnosis cannot be compared at all with the show hypnosis from TV or the like. I am very happy to have taken the step. Even after the first session, one problem that seemed unsolvable to me was completely resolved and the other problem almost no longer existed. In the meantime I am doing better than ever and can therefore recommend hypnosis with Ms. Kundrikova to anyone who wants to change something in themselves.



Hello, after almost 20 years of talk therapy and many ups and downs, it was definitely time to try something new. I went to my first appointment with no great expectations. First a lot of questions were asked and discussed, what I thought was great, how else should she decide what could help, and then it started. It was only a short hypnosis in the first hour the feeling of being able to break off at any time, which I didn't want at all, I felt that I was in good hands.After that I just felt really good - good mood feeling - and on the same evening I did something that had occupied me and me for a long time never dared to act - I proposed marriage to my husband - without a joke - meanwhile we are married and I had other meetings. What has accumulated over so many years cannot be easily solved, but I notice so many positive changes myself - I am very happy to have walked this path and would do it again at any time



Appointments were made by telephone in an uncomplicated and friendly manner and I received an appointment for the following week. After a detailed consultation, the hypnosis followed. The effects of this were impressive. The relaxation lasted for 12 days. I can recommend Die Hypnosepraxis with a clear conscience.



I am very pleasantly surprised and I feel very happy. Many thanks to Mrs. Kundrikova



This is the second time I have been treated and I am very satisfied with the treatment again. We recommend



Thank you very much for the extremely professional treatment. I am happy that I can now achieve my goals. My life just got easier. best regards



Here you feel that you are in good hands, understood. Always my pleasure!



A year ago I had good experiences with hypnosis in another practice, so I was already convinced of the method itself. With Ms. Kundrikova I felt very well looked after and really enjoyed the three sessions. I found the preliminary talks helpful: Ms. Kundrikova dealt sensitively and personally with my problems and gave new impulses, including the “homework”. So hypnosis, which is very relaxing and beautiful, is embedded in a wider framework. I would very much like to go to Ms. Kundrikova again when the opportunity arises and I can recommend her unreservedly.



Many thanks in advance. The meetings were very pleasant. Ms. Kundrikova is very personable and has a very pleasant, calm voice. I found the preliminary talk to be very helpful. She deals very well with the problem situation, which generally helps to get a different perspective.I have experienced some hypnosis and felt the hypnosis very well and deeply. In view of my problems, hypnosis helped me a lot. The erection disorders have resolved and it is easier for me to get excited about more exercise. Thanks again.

Helmut Beck


I struggle with fears and depressive moods. Ms. Kundrikova showed me new ways to deal with negative feelings and thoughts. The implementation is ultimately in your own hands, but Ms. Kundrikova's methods pave the way and point in the right direction. I am positive that the sessions will help me to face changes in a more relaxed manner in the future. Thanks a lot for this.



Dakujem za pomoc pri odstranovanI strachu a uzkosti !!



It was my first time undergoing hypnosis and I have to say I was very pleasantly surprised. The preliminary talk was very interesting for me. I would not have thought that one can get so deep into my consciousness. But it worked and I approach my things very positively. Thank you so much

Gabriele Beck


Ms. Kundrikova helped me a lot with my generalized anxiety disorder. I feel understood and in good hands with her. I learned a lot for my way of life, and that will also be helpful in the future. The conversations are extensive and really help you. I always find the subsequent hypnosis to be pleasant and beneficial. I can unreservedly recommend this practice.



Dear Ms. Kundrikova, after my visit to you yesterday I felt so good and felt as light as I have not in a long time. Your empathetic nature and your wonderfully calming voice did very well. I'm really looking forward to the next meeting. THANK YOU for helping me. 05/12/2019 It was a great experience for me that was / is also successful! I can only advise everyone to try it out for themselves. I felt understood and I was treated with respect and empathy. All in all I can only recommend it!



Ms. Kundrikova takes a lot of time for the topics and is very empathetic. Working with her helped me a lot.



The hypnosis practice is highly recommended. You get quick help that is not only designed to be effective in the short term, but also enables profound changes. 04/24/2019 ÄŽakujem za pomoc!



I was treated about my speaking anxiety, combined with panic attacks when giving presentations to more than ten people, or even the prospect of such a presentation being imminent. The hypnosis now makes me feel much stronger and I no longer slide indefinitely into fear. This is a great step forward for me. I can therefore recommend this type of treatment and especially Ms. Kundrikova.



Ms. Kundrikova is competent and helped me very well. She always knew exactly what to work with and the methods she uses are very effective.



Recommendation I would be happy to recommend the hypnosis practice to others. Ms. Kundrikova responded quickly to my request and we found an appointment at short notice. The advice was friendly, competent and goal-oriented and the subsequent treatment was very effective. I felt that I was in the best of hands with my problem and in fact I got rid of it very quickly. I am very, very grateful for that. I would like to make use of Ms. Kundrikova's in-depth advice and treatment skills again at any time.



A wonderful experience. Thanks a lot for this!



Dear Ms. Kundrikova, thank you very much for your help. I've done a lot of psychotherapy in my life. During this time I always felt bad. Things were brought up from my past and made even worse. I felt bad even after the therapy. The experience with you is completely different! Thank you for your support!! I will come again if I need any help. Your Renata Linzbach



I came to the hypnosis practice in Frankfurt on a recommendation. Ms. Kundrikova dealt with my problem with her friendly and competent manner. The trips from Saarland to Frankfurt were more than worth it. I can recommend Ms. Monika Kundrikova with a clear conscience.



Great service, friendly, very competent and pleasant atmosphere. Hypnosis was extremely effective, better than some other therapies I've tried! Absolutely recommendable!



I'm very satisfied.



It is not easy to find someone who is convincing in all respects and who also acts and speaks incredibly empathetically. I was able to get rid of my initial reluctance after a short time and I am totally happy that I dared to take the step. In any case, it did me good and helped.



Very good results - I am amazed at how fast and effective it is.



I found the preliminary talk particularly great. My topic was dealt with competently, sensitively and purposefully. The hypnosis was a unique and extremely positive experience! I would do it again at any time and I can recommend it without reservation! Was awesome!



The hypnosis practice is the best that could have happened to me in my life! I have an anxiety disorder that over the years has led to more and more anxiety and panic attacks - up to and including a heart attack during a state of anxiety. All of this meant that I could no longer leave the house, or even make it to the basement or the garbage can. If I really had to go to an appointment, I could only do it by taking very strong sedative tablets and a drug that paralyzed my bowel - which had since developed into an irritable bowel due to the many fears and excitements. I didn't notice anything of these individual and very rare appointments and afterwards I forgot almost everything, but: I was there! For years I had repeatedly done hypnosis treatments, for years with a doctor, for months in a clinic, but none of these treatments helped me out of my dilemma. I have invested years, even decades, and a lot of money - unfortunately without any significant success. When I had the first appointment with Ms. Kundrikova, she was very worried whether the work with me would be feasible, because after all I was in a certain way "spoiled" by my years of hypnotherapy - there were already too many doctors and therapists doctored on me. But it soon became apparent that the work with her and me worked well, we just had to repeat some steps several times, which she did not know from other clients. Right from the start, I had the feeling that Ms. Kundrikova knows exactly what she is doing, has a wealth of work techniques and always uses the technique that is right for this hour in the different situations in which the client finds himself is. We're not done with work yet, but I think we've already done the lion's share. I haven't needed a sedative for weeks and have already been able to partially reduce the drug for the intestines. In addition, I no longer have pannic attacks, and since these always meant that I could no longer walk properly, these conditions are also history. I am now over seventy years old, and if I had known something about Ms. Kundrikova earlier, I would have the chance had been able to lead a different life for many years and would also have saved a lot of money. I believe that by the time we finish work my life will be completely different and as you can see it is never too late when you have found the right therapist. Ms. Kundrikova is a very nice, sympathetic and empathetic woman who does not rest on her very diverse knowledge, but very often does advanced training, which in turn benefits her clients. One more word about hypnosis. Many people are uncomfortable with hypnosis, they are even afraid of being manipulated, fear of no longer being in control of themselves, others doubt that they can be hypnotized at all. It must be said that what is served up as hypnosis here and there on television is show hypnosis that has absolutely nothing to do with the hypnosis that is used for healing. This hypnosis is more of a deep relaxation in which you can still hear all the noises from the street or from the house, but these gradually fade into the background and you concentrate more and more on the therapist's voice. It is only about the recovery of the client and in no way about any kind of manipulation. And when I started hypnotherapy, I didn't get into hypnosis at first, although I was very open and wanted to, but during the first appointment the doctor at the time found an approach that finally worked. So take courage, it is totally exhilarating when you can gradually notice your progress and imagine yourself getting really healthy again for the first time. And even the driver, who always brings me there and picks me up, and with whom there are certain problems, and who has certainly never had anything to do with hypnosis, is thinking about going to Ms. Kundrikova as well, as he is my progress from week to week. I can only advise anyone who can afford it to do so!



The session helped me a lot. Many Thanks.



Thank you, the appointment on Friday helped me a lot!



So far I have believed in hypnotherapy but was taught otherwise by a competent and friendly therapist. You have to get involved then it works.



I feel very well cared for in the practice with Ms. Kundrikova. Right from the start, the support was very careful, individual and professional. I am satisfied with the progress made and find the method - the use of hypnosis, targeted and solution-oriented discussions and implementation exercises (\ ’homework \’) - very helpful. I would recommend Ms. Kundrikova's hypnosis practice without restrictions.



I came from Munich for hypnosis and I am very satisfied! The treatment as a whole, simply the method and the approach to the problem are wonderful! It is explained to you in detail and calmly what you are getting into or what to expect, so that there are no surprises. I can only recommend the practice to everyone! Marina R.



I drove from Munich to Frankfurt because of hypnosis. Ms. Kundrikova is an excellent therapist. Patient, empathetic, very professional, you will certainly feel in good hands with her, great advice and success is not long in coming. I would use YOUR services again and again. Ms. Ruzic, Munich



A trusting and very pleasant collaboration with a therapist who knows what she is doing. She brings a very high level of professional competence and speaks from her own experience and processes that have gone through. I really enjoy working with her. 10/31/2018 Individual, intuitive, intelligent. The pillars on which the success of the treatment rests. I found out all three from Mrs. Kundrikova. A tailor-made hypnosis, precisely tailored to the wishes, needs and personality.



I made my first experiences with hypnosis with Ms. Kundrikova and I am really surprised and very impressed by the great effect it has on the resolution of some problems and my life beyond them. I am deeply grateful for this experience and can recommend everyone to get involved. Ms. Kundrikova is very warm and empathetic and thus creates a pleasant atmosphere and trust very quickly. I can wholeheartedly recommend the practice.



I used this practice many years ago. The smoking cessation was a complete success. I recommend everyone who wants to stop smoking to visit this hypnosis practice.



I was given a fair explanation, with no false promises. Ms. Kundrikova is very open and personable, she manages to establish a relationship of trust immediately through her pleasant manner. So far the treatment has shown an effect (weight reduction, or eating problem) October 19, 2018 The hypnosis has helped me a lot, my fears have disappeared. I can heartily recommend Ms. Kundrikova! Many Thanks!



Very professional and empathetic. Pleasant environment, easy and quick appointments. Really recommendable.



Excellent support through strokes of fate, here the causes are tracked down and lastingly helped. The therapy set me free and changed my LIFE.



Dear Ms. Monika Kundrikova, you have helped me a lot. After the first appointment with you and the homework, I didn't have any more panic attacks at all. Thanks a lot for this. Thank you again. With best regards



Dear Ms. Kundrikova, you have successfully accompanied me over the past few months. I drive my vehicle safely again and without panic attacks.

I can only recommend your work.



Hello Ms. Kundrikova, as discussed, I am writing you an email about my visit to the dentist. I had an operation at the dentist. The sutures had to be pulled a week after the operation. Before that, I was in a huge panic. For example, I imagined how the thread would be pulled through the open flesh, everything would be inflamed and it would hurt terribly. To make matters worse, the doctor was a really snooty guy who only speaks the bare minimum and doesn't smile. Before I went to the dentist to pull the strings, I was with you. We discussed two ways I can approach this visit. The first method is to hypnotize yourself before the visit by concentrating on your own breathing and relaxing every part of the body point by point. The second method involves imagining everything in one smiling. You can smile yourself, it doesn't have to be a beautiful smile. Then imagine with both methods how nice the visit to the dentist will be. I decided on the second method and at first just smiled. When “everything in me was smiling” I imagined what my visit could be like. I go in the door and greet the dental assistant in a friendly manner and smile at her. After a short conversation, I sit down in the waiting room and wait until the doctor calls me. He comes to me smiling and we talk. Meanwhile he briefly pulls the strings for me. So much for my imagination. In reality it happened very similarly. I am smiling in the practice. The dental assistant at reception smiled back and said a friendly greeting. After I was only allowed to sit briefly in the waiting room, the doctor called me over. I smiled at him and oh wonder he even smiled back. He pulled the strings for me, I felt nothing at all, no pain at all. After less than 2 minutes it was over and I went home very happy and proud. I wish you a good week. See you on Friday. Best regards,



Ms. Kundrikova I'm doing very well. Something is dissolving in me. I can't even describe it in words, there are often feelings of happiness: lightness and a joy that surprises me. The biting feeling of guilty conscience has completely disappeared. Thank you so much!

Paulina Celkova


Absolutely fantastic. I asked my friend to translate my experience into German, hope it makes sense and will be useful for others: Whenever there are major changes in my life, I can come to Monika Kundrikova. After a long session, I am full of anticipation for the new. It is always an important step for my personal development. Since I work a lot with people, they also benefit because I am calmer.

Vlado Ratkovsky


An extraordinary experience that is changed somewhat by hypnosis, all of which is effortless. thanks

Michael Maier


Working with you was really great! I'm doing really well thanks to your help. I also have the feeling that what was previously impossible is now possible again. Greetings and absolutely stay as you are.

Fyodor Fyodorovic


Dear Mrs. Kundrikova, To the dear fairy who helped me to take a big step in my life. I've been smoke-free for over 40 days and I'm getting better and better with this new feeling. It was important for me to say that, to thank you and to wish you all the best. I wish you a peaceful and merry Christmas and continue to be radiant, optimistic and easy-going. Kind regards.



I came to Ms. Kundrikova rather desperate because of a buying disorder. After spending the last few years crying in the car after a shopping spree, I've finally decided to take up hypnosis therapy. I was incredibly unhappy with my behavior, I have more things than I can ever carry and I felt very burdened with it. Ms. Kundrikova managed to take away any urge to buy from me after just one session. Although I have dealt a lot with shopping psychology, it has borne little fruit. It's been 6 months since hypnosis and I feel like I've been relieved of a burden. It is child's play to rethink the purchase decision and often reject an alleged purchase request.It's so incredibly good to be the mistress of my deeds again and not allow myself to be distracted and misled. Thank you very much for that! best regards



I was somehow completely beside myself and didn't know what was wrong with me. To feel myself, to live in the now and in reality, I have learned in the last six months. And how important it is to take responsibility for shaping life through my perspective. I wish many people the courage to get involved in this treatment and to be easier and freer. Thank-you!



Dear Ms. Kundrikova, thank you very much for your emphatic support with hypnotherapy !! After just three sessions, the depression and anxiety that had plagued me for three years have completely changed. I feel much, much better. I would like to take this opportunity to expressly thank you for your help. Best regards



Dear Mrs. Kundrikova, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart. After only two hypnotherapy sessions and homework, my panic attacks, fears and inner restlessness were gone. It is a great feeling to be calm and fearless again after months in which I did not know how to get through the days and nights. I will be very happy to recommend you. Greetings and good luck in the future.



Dear Ms. Kundrikova, a few months ago I was with you for hypnotherapy. I have had short and intensive hypnosis treatments with the aim of getting my panic attacks and sleep disorders under control. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. After a few hypnosis sessions, my panic attacks and fears were resolved. I would be happy to recommend you. Greetings and all the best



Dear Ms. Kundrikova, three of my companions told me about the treatments you gave and so I wanted to overcome my gambling addiction. For me, too, a single appointment lasting 4 hours led to the desired success. And that with a lasting effect. This session changed my life, thank you! Sincerely, yours



Having to travel on business and struggling with fear of flying was a big issue for me. I came to you on recommendation and am thrilled with your success. Driving to the airport with joy and without fear is great and liberating for me. Now I can devote myself to my job without this restriction. Thank-you! Sincerely. Your E.S



THANK YOU for the short-term help. I found it very pleasant and Ms. Kundrikova very competent and emphatic. She cleared up every step you took. I can just recommend her.

Holger Daugs


Monika supported me in the shortest possible time to resolve internal blockages that have occupied me for years. With her direct and yet empathetic manner, she has shaken the thick walls in me - the exercises that she gave me are now removing these walls piece by piece. I am very grateful for what I have achieved and am still amazed at the successes so far!

Richard Seidl


Monika Kundrikova works competently, empathically and pleasantly. She creates a good framework for working on personal issues and proceeds conscientiously and carefully. I can wholeheartedly recommend her.

Ralf Stumpf


Dear Ms. Kundrikova, I wanted to thank you again for the successful hypnotherapy. I suffered from extreme sleep disorders for about 10 years, nothing helped. Even after the first hypnosis treatment plus homework I sleep well again and go to bed without fear of not being able to fall asleep. many thanks and best regards



Dear Ms. Kundrikova, I now officially have my emergency license and I am overjoyed. The biggest hurdle for me has been overcome and I am sure that I can do the rest. I wouldn't say my problem is gone, but it is much better. I have to say "stop" less every day, I work hard on myself and it is easier for me to think positively every day. Even if the problem has not disappeared, I still have a completely new attitude towards life and I am sure that everything else will emerge over time.



Hello Ms. Kundrikova, I wanted to take the time to send you my feedback on hypnosis. My personal experience with hypnosis has been very positive. Since my decision was clear that I wanted to improve the quality of my life and relationships, it was not difficult for me to get involved in hypnosis. They are a very pleasant and authentic person and the examples they tell help you to relate to the topic. The homework is great and definitely important to support hypnosis. I have now built them firmly into my life. A good friend explained to me that the state of hypnosis is very similar to a trance when meditating. That's exactly how I would describe it, because you can see everything around you. You're never completely gone, but your thoughts flow and you're relaxed. For me it has been an all-round positive experience. The accompaniment with the book that I had started to read was perfect for me and my case. I would always recommend this combination to everyone. Incidentally, I notice that I have become more self-confident, that I accept my body and myself as I am, and this is easier for me to do with men too. My circle of friends has also noticed a positive change in me. Not least through more serenity and light-heartedness. I finally started to live in the here and now rather than looking for future events. Without even addressing the topic with my parents (unlike in the past), I redecorated my bedroom and living room and partially repainted it by myself. Now I am no longer waiting for a man I get to know and move out, but I live here and now in this apartment and now the furnishings and style are no longer that of my previous tenant (she was that for 6 years) it is completely my style now, she is beautiful, 100% me, and that is a good thing. I am very happy. I hope you found the feedback helpful and interesting. I wish you a good start into the new week. Best wishes,



Hello Mrs. Kundrikova,

I do not know whether my "problem" has been completely resolved. But in any case, it never happened again. After our last appointment, I felt fantastic and I would just assume that I would be fine from now on. Thank you, in any case, Best regards



Dear Ms. Kundrikova, I got in touch with you in mid-May, but now I can give you further positive feedback. This week I had my first blood draw - in about 20 years. Thanks to your support, I have found the courage. When the doctor announced that he was going to take a blood sample, panic suddenly occurred. But after a short consultation with the doctor, I had enough time to take a deep breath. Ultimately, I can say that the acceptance went much faster than expected and, apart from a brief moment of discomfort, everything went well - and not a tear 😉. My body forgot the subject faster than my consciousness. It was another day before I realized that I had actually dared to do it. And my joy and inner pride in getting my fear under control still linger



Dear Ms. Kundrikova, I would like to thank you again for the respectful, open and amiable cooperation. As you know, I have had an overwhelming problem with syringes all my life. The rational mindset just did not reconcile with the emotional chaos. The firmly burnt-in thought: “I'm terrified of injections” caused my feelings to boil over even when talking about the topic. Something happened yesterday that surprised me to the core. I haven't had a relevant doctor's appointment yet, but I can now say with certainty that you have helped me to change something fundamentally in me. In a physiotherapy practice, in which Chinese healing is also practiced, I found a bucket filled to the brim with discarded acupuncture needles, the lid of which was half open. Instead of unintentionally and automatically falling into old behavior, only one thought came to my mind - so quickly and easily that I only noticed afterwards what it was like: "I was once afraid of injections. Thank you very much and with the warmest recommendations,


May 2016

Dear Ms. Kundrikova, as you can see, our greatest wish has come true. I am sure you played a part in this. THANK YOU from the bottom of your heart for accompanying me so excellently and professionally during the time I wanted to have children.



Good evening dear Ms. Kundrikova, I am glad and grateful that you have helped so well to resolve my phobia of syringes. Both of my eye operations. went well and I really only felt a prick and got through everything without fear. So thank you again. I told my friend about your good work, who will call you in the next few days to make an appointment with you. With best regards



Thanks to Ms. Kundrikova, my quality of life has increased. I am very grateful to her and can only recommend therapy with Ms. Kundrikova. Many thanks - to Ms. Kundrikova!



Hello dear Ms. Kundrikova, today I would like to thank you for the good and loving hypnotic treatment. The method you used did me good and freed me from my phobia of syringes and made my life easier because I no longer think in old patterns. Yesterday's session in particular, where I detached myself from old sticky entanglements in hypnosis, is well remembered, although I was in hypnosis, but nevertheless perceived the state of hypnosis, what happened out of the subconscious. After all, I hadn't stepped away, I was fully there inside myself to observe what was going on and not be disturbed by external influences. I liked the story with the lion very much and showed how we are trapped in our old patterns and if we reconcile with our reflection in the mirror and accept each other as we are, we can calm down and ourselves during this time of restlessness and uncertainty face daily challenges with love.



Dear Ms. Kundrikova, in December 2012 I was diagnosed with kidney cancer. The metastases in the bones give me a lot of trouble, and the pain is often almost unbearable. I got to know you during a training course in May 2015. This gave me the opportunity to get to know your way of working and I had two hypnosis sessions with you. At first I was skeptical as a pathologist. I'm a conventional doctor for whom only data and facts count. Ms. Kundrikowa, you have convinced me: Thanks to hypnotherapy, I can now deal with my pain much better. You made me familiar with and treated me with this procedure with your friendly and empathetic manner. It helped me alot. I thank you for that. I hope that other cancer patients will also find their way to you. Hypnotherapy could help so many more people manage their pain.

Dr. EK


So far I only knew hypnosis methods from artistic performances and was sure that it wouldn't work for me, because I'm far too sober and realistic for that. During my first visit to Ms. Kundrikova, she explained to me in detail, among other things, the procedure for her treatments and hypnosis. I was admitted curious and ready to get involved. It was a great success! My subconscious reacted and just cooperated. I was both fascinated and relieved that this form of treatment "worked" for me. From my first appointment I went out exhilarated and inspired and everything just seemed easy and feasible to me. At this point, a big THANK YOU for the help so far.



Dear Ms. Kundrikova, in November and December of last year (2014) I was with you to work on my problem areas “self-worth” and “weight”. I used 3 hypnosis sessions. Today after 3/4 year I would like to give you some feedback on this: I have lost 10 kg and feel visibly more comfortable with it. However, I will continue to work on my feel-good weight, because this also reflects my increasing self-confidence. I deal a lot with the topic of "self-worth". I use many offers on this topic to be aware of it. I am constantly developing and am on the right track. I got 3 beliefs from you on my way: I am worth it that I am fine! I am the most important thing in my life! I love me I want to encourage other people to believe in themselves. Often the only reason why we are not as brave, as big and as beautiful as we could actually be, is because we think we are not as brave, as big and as beautiful as we really are. Thank you for your work with hypnosis! best regards



Thanks! I would like to thank you for the really helpful support in the past months of my life. It was a rich experience for me to get to know the world of hypnosis combined with excellent talk therapy.

Nataliya yard


So far I only knew hypnosis methods from artistic performances and was sure that it wouldn't work for me, because I'm far too sober and realistic for that. During my first visit to Ms. Kundrikova, she explained to me in detail the procedure for her treatments and hypnosis, among other things. I was admitted curious and ready to get involved. It was a great success! My subconscious reacted and just cooperated. I was both fascinated and relieved that this form of treatment worked for me. From my first hypnosis appointment I went out exhilarated and inspired and everything just seemed easy and feasible to me. Since then I have often been to Ms. Kundrikova and am currently also attending hypnosis appointments, as I have a lot of beliefs and behavior patterns to work through. Ms. Kundrikova is an excellent alternative practitioner, very empathetic and somehow always knows what is important and right for me to work on at the respective appointment. Furthermore, I really appreciate your enormous treasure trove of comparative stories and incidents, from whose narration you can learn wonderfully. Actually, on the advice of a doctor, I should look for a psychological psychotherapist and go into long-term therapy there at the expense of the health insurance company. I have decided that hypnotherapy with Ms. Kundrikova is infinitely good for me and that it helps within a very short time, so that I can no longer imagine a better and more effective method to deal with problems. And precisely because the subconscious is addressed in hypnosis, the effect is so lasting! At this point, a big THANK YOU for the help so far and especially to my sister, to whom I owe the contact with Ms. Kundrikova.



Thank you for the technique with the pictures! This is really a very powerful tool !!! I'm doing really well right now. At this point I would like to express my thanks for your empathic support.

Myroslava Gun


Thank you, the last session was very successful, I sleep well again


Hello dear Ms. Kundrikova, thank you very much for the hypnosis technique with the pictures! It is really a very powerful tool. I'm doing really well at the moment and I have the feeling that there is no “construction site” burdening me profoundly. At this point I would like to expressly thank you for your emphatic support with hypnotherapy! Best regards



Very uncomplicated, personal and nice care.

Stefan Glöser


Dear Ms. Kundrikova, I would like to thank you very much. After only one hypnotherapy session, my panic attacks and fears, my inner restlessness, which became unbearable towards evening, were gone. I hoped to find help from you, but I didn't expect such a huge success. It is a wonderful feeling after five months in which I did not know how to get through the days and nights to live calmly and without fear again. I will get back to you with the slightest change and will be happy to recommend you. Greetings and good luck in the future. Your



Dear Ms. Kundrikova, I would like to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU. THANK YOU, because I am just able to discover a completely new type of behavior in myself. It still feels new and a little strange because I don't know serenity in a difficult phase in my life. I come to you in order to be able to go through our fertility period as best as possible. In this time of hope, anticipation, fear, disappointment, anger, sensitivity and sometimes completely confused, the conversations and hypnotherapy with you have become a kind of anchor. I always look forward to the hypnosis appointments with you, because I already know in advance that I will feel much better afterwards. They bring order and clarity into my life and always have a guide for me at hand, e.g. if I don't know how to get out of my carousel of thoughts. I found the joint development of self-hypnosis particularly helpful.So I felt optimally taken care of in the event that I need support at home. This hypnosis included everything I needed: Confidence, hope, positive thinking, calm, serenity, joie de vivre and the concentration on what I have instead of what I don't have. A new experience was also for me to be attentive and aware of my words and my thoughts. All of this, coupled with your calm, empathetic manner, which creates a great and trusting atmosphere, has enormously improved my attitude and my quality of life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, because I would never have gone through our 5th attempt so calmly, and certainly not even with the sad news that it didn't work out again. But as the saying goes: “In the end everything will be fine. If it's not good, it's not the end. " Thank you very much for accompanying me during this challenging time.



Hello Ms. Kundrikova, I was with you in hypnotherapy for a generalized anxiety disorder. Because of the disorder, my life was very limited. I could no longer cope with many everyday things. Driving on highways caused panic attacks. Sometimes I was barely able to leave the house or I was afraid of suffocating while eating. In short, my quality of life was extremely limited and I was unable to work in this state. Her sensitive and clear manner enabled rapid progress, so that after a few sessions I was able to drive to your hypnosis appointments myself. Through you I got to know hypnotherapy as a very effective treatment method without losing control. On the contrary, hypnosis enables me to deal with stress and unpleasant situations in a more controlled and relaxed manner. I would like to thank you once again and would be happy to recommend you to others. With best regards



Hello Ms. Kundrikova, attached my experiences with hypnosis. At first I thought how can hypnosis help me at all. After the first session, I was totally relaxed for the first time in a long time. Now, after several hypnosis sessions, I am much more relaxed and free. My anxiety levels have also subsided or completely disappeared in many things. Some fears still have to be worked on. My sleep disorders have also subsided and sleep is getting better and better. One of my parents recently passed away and I can now deal with this loss and grief much better than without hypnotherapy. I have to say I'm glad I made up my mind. best regards



Since I've done hypnosis therapy, I've been feeling much better. The hypnotherapy showed success after just a few sessions. Before that, I had to struggle with anxiety attacks and sleep disorders at irregular intervals for almost two years. The hypnotherapy got better until all symptoms were gone. I am more balanced and can fully surrender to my everyday life again. A.F.



Hello Ms. Kundrikova, as promised, here is my experience report. After the 1st hypnosis session I went home with a “light” and liberated feeling. I couldn't imagine what would happen now. After countless attempts to lose weight, I realized that my problem had deeper roots. Already on the same day I no longer felt the need for food. I went for coffee with a friend and the bakery's display of cakes and other goodies left me cold. It wasn't that I had to hold back, I just had no need for it. So it went on for the next few days. My portions automatically got smaller, I stopped eating when I was full and I ignored chocolate, Christmas cookies and the like. I had never seen it like this before. I felt so light, my body feeling / perception changed and I felt like moving. The 2nd and 3rd hypnosis then deepened my newfound “freedom”. Now the Christmas days are over, I didn't gain weight, but lost weight (I can tell from my clothes) and I feel great. I'm looking forward to the coming year and my new life. Thanks a lot for this! I wish you and your family a good decision and a great 2015. Best regards,



Ms. Kudrikova helped me a lot with her hypnotherapy in just a few sessions. She explained to me in a clever and easily understandable way how the method of hypnotherapy works, in which inner conflicts or emotional injuries are resolved and healed on a journey into the deep layers of the unconscious. I have come to know hypnosis as an extremely pleasant state in which you learn to establish deep contact with yourself without losing control over yourself and what is happening. Rather, in hypnosis you are always actively and yourself determining the process of self-knowledge, conflict resolution or self-healing and that in unbroken, direct contact with yourself. This was a very enriching experience for me. Ms. Kundrikova is an extremely empathetic and warm-hearted listener who knows how to clearly outline questions or conflicts and thus make them accessible to the solution. Not only was Ms. Kundrikova extremely helpful for me in solving life's questions, but she also gave me a new, expanded approach to myself and my unconscious competencies. I can therefore only recommend Ms. Kundrikova.



Dear Ms. Kundrikova, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all your care, support and help in the past few months. It is nice to find refuge and advice with you. Nice that we can know you. A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year for you and your family. Your

JS & .K.


Hello Ms. Kundrikova, I survived the examination well. It was not easy to drink the solution and as the mass increased I had gag reflex again, but I was able to handle it well. Overall, as I said, it was difficult and unfortunately not as if I was drinking Coke ;-), but I'm satisfied. In May it would have been unthinkable to drink this solution at all. Accordingly, I am very grateful to you for your hypnosis and will be happy to recommend you to others. I also thank you for taking time for me on Monday evening despite your vacation. I know that this cannot be taken for granted. Many greetings and all the best for you



Dear Ms. Kundrikova, I would like to thank you. Unfortunately, we had a bereavement in the immediate vicinity. I cannot remember when I was able to deal with such a situation in such a “relaxed” manner. Best wishes



Dear Monika Kundrikova, I would like to thank you for your successful use of hypnosis. My life has clearly stabilized itself by switching off personal, engraved behaviors and given me the ability to increasingly avoid my own pitfalls or not even notice them. Good hypnosis is a real gift for your soul. I wish you continued success and success in your life's work. With best regards



Dear Mrs. Kundrikova,

I would like to thank you very much for your really helpful support over the past few months of my life. It was a rich experience for me to get to know the world of hypnosis and hypnotherapy combined with excellent talk therapy. To experience, although it does, to compensate for problems that have arisen in the feeling and thus to live carefree. To feel new points of view and perspectives and to implement them immediately without always having the obstructive mind on the neck. And I wish you and all the people who are lucky enough to work with you this experience. Your



Dear Ms. Kundrikova, about 2 months ago I was with you for hypnotherapy. I had short and intensive hypnosis treatment with the aim of getting my relationship problems under control. It was about my jealousy attacks, fear of loss etc. I deliberately took my time with the email to you because I needed the time to see the results clearly. I can thank you, the hypnosis therapy has helped me. I'm much calmer now, I don't have panic attacks about my partner. We are now living together, we no longer have arguments, it has become a harmonious relationship. In the situations that used to panic me, I now react much more calmly. They gave me a homework on the way to say STOP immediately if I had any negative thoughts, I implemented that for the most part and I have to say that there is also an improvement. I wanted to thank you again and I will get back to you if I need your help with the same or a different problem (smoking cessation). Many, dear greetings,


Ms. Kundrikova helped me a lot with my decisions and the fears that arose, etc. I felt very comfortable with her and I am totally happy to have found Ms. Kundrikova. It is nice to have such an option and I can only advise everyone to take advantage of hypnosis. I have learned to deal with my fears and to stop my negative thoughts. My relationship has changed for the better and new doors are opening in my professional life. I would like to thank Ms. Kundrikova very much and I will definitely always keep this option open to me and that alone makes me very happy 🙂



Dear Ms. Kundrikova, I thank you very much for today's hypnosis appointment and for the intensive conversation. It brought me further and gave me peace and strength for the near future. Without your help, I would not have been able to bring the issues of dying, being alone, being in the future, closeness and relationships in the future to the emotional balance I feel now. Thanks!

Ewald habenicht, Mainz


Dear Ms. Kundrikova,

We would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the extraordinary help in difficult times. First you gave my wife rest and strength intensively with hypnosis after she suffered from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Her death in installments has also severely affected my mental state. I came to you with moments of depression, despair and disorientation. Thank you for giving me courage, strength, balance and calm again. Both the conversations and the hypnosis sessions, during which I only had to confide in you and let go, have achieved this. In the deep subconscious it was like a miracle. At the moment I am happy to take care of my wife and I am always satisfied when she still enjoys something, even if she is in a wheelchair, cannot speak and cannot swallow. Thank you very much again



Hello Ms. Kundrikova, I just wanted to get in touch with you and let you know that the last hypnosis session was very successful. I sleep very well again Thank you and best regards,



Dear Monika, I would like to thank you for the wonderful experience of hypnosis regression. I look forward to the summary of your transcripts, and thank you very much in advance for that. Sunny greetings from Bavaria.



I can also recommend Ms. Kundrikova with her hypnosis skills. A few sessions increase the quality of life.


I came with the goal of a significant weight reduction. After only three hypnosis appointments, my eating behavior changed permanently and I reached my goal after only 4 weeks. It couldn't be easier or faster. Hypnosis is the most effective and easiest measure that I have tried. (And it doesn't get any cheaper.) Now I'm addressing other topics with Monika Kundrikova and her special hypnosis therapy. Very uncomplicated, personal and nice care.


Dear Ms. Kundrikova, my stomach is doing very well! Even fruit and coffee are working again. Thanks again for hypnosis and your help. Happy Easter to you and your family.



I am a non-smoker without any withdrawal symptoms - thanks to Ms. Kundrikova. And that after 45 years as a smoker. I can unreservedly recommend hypnotherapy; especially since I had already successfully done therapy against my extreme stage fright


Hello Ms. Kundrikova, thank you very much for hypnosis and your wonderful care. I'm already making good progress! Thank you for the CD, see you soon.


The hypnotherapy with Ms. Kundrikova helped me a lot. I can only recommend such therapy