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Anyone who is toying with the idea of ​​setting up a practice has to ask themselves the question at some point: Do I want to settle accounts with the statutory health insurance or not? If that is the case, the person concerned needs a cash register approval.

What is a cash register approval?
In Germany, physiotherapists must apply for authorization if services are to be billed to the statutory health insurance. This authorization is called cash register authorization.

The advantage of this cash register approval is obvious: It creates an economic basis for practice. However, certain conditions are attached to the approval, which depend on whether a practice can be opened or whether the therapist settles with the statutory health insurance or not.

If the practice is limited to the treatment of private patients, approval is not required and the therapist can work as a “mobile physiotherapist”.


Which requirements have to be met in order to get a health insurance license?
According to § 124 SGB V, those who meet the following criteria are permitted to provide services for patients with statutory insurance:

  • Training appropriate to the provision of services and state recognition for it
  • Suitable practice equipment for the practical and economical provision of services
  • The recognition of the agreements in force for the care of the insured

The National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Funds specifies these criteria in the approval recommendations.

NOTE: As of August 1st, 2018, new approval recommendations will apply, which differ from the old ones in some areas. You can download the new and old regulations at the end of the article.
The changes primarily affect all new practice registrations. Old practices are protected; however, when the practice is sold, a new acceptance (with the new, applicable regulations) usually has to take place.


What does an admission application include?
To apply for admission to the cash register, three documents must be completed and sent to the national representative of the vdek:

  1. Application for Admission
  2. Report sheet (self-assessment of your own practice with regard to rooms, employees, equipment, etc.)
  3. Acknowledgment declaration (acknowledgment of the supply contracts including the current remuneration agreements)

Further documents are required within these documents:

  • Copy of the professional certificate
  • Proof of a concluded employment contract with the technical manager
  • Floor plan / sketch of the practice rooms
  • Rental agreement, lease agreement or proof of ownership for the practice rooms
  • Copy of the registration of the activity with the professional association and the health department
  • Proof of professional and business liability insurance (policy including location of risk and amount of coverage)
  • Confirmation of registration of the activity with the responsible supervisory authority
  • In the case of group practices or group practices, a copy of the articles of association
  • Copy of the confirmation from the SVI about the institution identification number (IK number)

The forms can be downloaded from the following link: https://www.vdek.com/vertragartikel/heilmittel/zulassung.html


How long does it take to process the documents?
The processing time of the application and all other related processes can take a few weeks. The vdek recommends sending the application in good time so that the practice can open at the planned time.


How many admissions are allowed in a practice?
In a practice community in which independent service providers come together to share the practice equipment / rooms, each service provider receives their own approval (and accounts for the service provided under their own institution code). Separate evidence of the practice equipment is not required.

In a joint practice, two service providers come together to practice and make a profit with a practice (equipment). There is a joint insurance approval.


When does admission end?
The admission ends either when it is returned by the admitted person or when it is revoked by the admitting bodies.
In addition, it is no longer valid if the practice is abandoned, relocated or sold. Practice rooms must be re-approved for relocation and sale.



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