Home security requires the internet

Network check: This browser test shows whether your router is secure

Unsecured routers can become a gateway for attackers via the Internet. Is your router adequately protected? A free browser test provides clarity.

Open like a barn door or hidden like a grave? If you want to know whether your router and the firewall program running on it shield your home network well against possible attackers, you should start a network check - such as the one from "Heise Security" (click here - we recommend that you only open the page in the desktop browser ). This test is offered in cooperation with the Lower Saxony data protection authority and can be carried out directly in the browser.

DANGER! Only carry out the test in your home network or in consultation with the network operator.

To run the test, simply click on the blue button labeled "Start test now" under the introductory text.

The port scan provides information about how visible or invisible the router is on the Internet. A full check also checks the router for known security gaps. Test results with a green background mean "everything is okay". Red means that there is a need for action.

Close open ports

Routers use so-called ports in order to be able to receive various network services. The port scan automatically detects whether ports or services in the home network can be reached from the Internet that are actually not required for surfing and e-mail traffic.

Such unused functions should be deactivated. Because even criminals use port scans to look for possible weak points and attack points in networks.

Unused services and ports that are not required can be blocked directly in the authorization settings in the router management.

Many problems can also be resolved by updating the router software (firmware update). This also closes known weaknesses by the manufacturer.

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